Seconds Before Sunrise by Shannon A Thompson (The Timely Death Trilogy #2)

Back in March, when I was doing another recommendations month, I ended off with reviewing some ebooks.  One of them was Minutes Before Sunset, which is Book 1 of The Timely Death Trilogy by Shannon A Thompson.  I highly recommended that one and truly believe that Shannon is a fantastic young writer.  I was completely captivated by the first book in her trilogy and looked forward to reading her second one. Recently, she launched her newest book and asked me to review it, however, before I went into that one, I felt like I wanted to give Book#2 of her trilogy a read first.  I will be reading her new one right after but lets take a look at this one first.

If you would like to check out my review of Minutes Before Sunset, check it out HERE.



seconds before sunrise

Seconds Before Sunrise picks up a little bit after the events of book 1.  If you haven’t read Minutes Before Sunset, I suggest that you stop and go back before proceeding.

Jessica had chosen to give up her memory of her Dark side and it seems that in the process, she didn’t only lose that.  She has become lost in life and burdened with nightmares.  In these nightmares, she also sees a guy that she’s drawn to.  On the other hand, Eric only has weeks before he has to fight Darthon and the Light.  While he tries to avoid Jessica, their connection and feelings are too strong to push away.  At this time, he also ends up in an accident which causes him to deal with a lot of human issues, as also in the hopes to hide his Dark side to be protected before the battle.  As the final battle between Light and Dark approach, the issues at hand become more serious for both Jessica and Eric.

I always tend to take a little break between one novel to the next.  Its just how I am usually, unless of course, I’m waiting for the next novel to come out. Its not all bad though because this gives me time to digest everything thats gone on in the previous one and when I crack open the sequel, I can go in with a fresh mind.  Seconds Before Sunrise reflects on some aspects from the first novel but as I read it, it reminded me of what happened again.  However, it might be a nice idea to actually read these two one after another.

What I loved about Seconds Before Sunrise, (just like the first one), is that we get to see both sides of our main characters, Jessica and Eric.  We go back and forth throughout and we grow to learn how each side feels. As the audience, we get the full picture of both sides.  This really  helps in connecting with our main characters and really feeling what they are going through.  However, there is a lot of unknown, to them as well, when it comes to the world of Light and Dark. The focus on this novel becomes very human and less in the battle for most of the book until we hit the end.  However, that is in no way a bad thing.  Jessica and Eric’s emotional struggles are very real and very believable.  They are faced with a hard choice (on Eric’s side) and a confused feeling (on Jessica’s side). This makes it human.  Whether its teens or adults, its hard to separate our feelings with the reality at times and sometimes, its even hard to separate our dreams with reality.

Plus, we get some mysterious supporting characters that add a little extra to the story. The main question now is that as the final battle approaches, who in the human form is a Light? Will they figure out who Eric really is and even who Jessica really is? There is nothing better than a novel that delivers a believable story with an alternate reality/fantasy world intertwined and while giving us a love story also gets us to wonder what happens next. Thats what Seconds Before Sunrise is.  It may not be quite the page turner that Minutes Before Sunset is but its still a great sequel to read.

I definitely look forward to the next one and see how everything turns out! 🙂

Shannon is a fantastic writer and you can find her blog right HERE!

Her newest novel is called Take Me Tomorrow.  I will start reading that one very soon 🙂

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