Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

This week, share a texture found in an unexpected place. It could be made of natural materials, as in these images, or with man-made objects.  This is a great opportunity to look at the world in a slightly different way — along with looking at things from new angles, zooming very far out or very far in are both great ways to create texture and pattern in photos.- The Daily Post

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went for a weekend getaway in the Saguenay region of Quebec.  We’ve been there two years ago and due to bad weather, we had to skip some of the activities.  This time, weather was on our side and we went on some cave exploring, hiking and even had time for a little bit of shopping and zoo time.  Whats great about hiking is that there’s always these natural textures that we miss and when I hike, the photographer details come out in me and I end up focusing on small things.

Here’s a few pictures that show the details of texture that I loved. All of the pictures were taken on the little hiking trail in the Trou de la Fee park.

Trou de la Fee

Trou de la Fee

Trou de la Fee

Trou de la Fee

Trou de la Fee

From the moss on a fallen tree trunk, carpet of mossy plants, a wall of smooth rocks, mushrooms with plants, and a flowing stream with a mini waterfall: its great how nature shows us all these beautiful textures if you just take it easy and look closely 🙂

Now for a little bonus:


The texture of this fur is beautiful and you can even see the softness in the picture.  

What animal do you think it belongs to? (hint: its a baby)


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