Hong Kong Shopping Finds + Whats to come!

Home sweet home!

I love going on vacation especially when its going to visit Hong Kong and see family.  I always start off with the easiest portion of my trip and thats my shopping finds. Hong Kong is the heaven for shopping, although the prices have raised and the Canadian dollar is not quite as good as a few years ago.  Still, some would say we earn money to spend it so why not? Although the primary goal was to see family and I spent oodles of time with them, I did enjoy having some random shopping fun 😉


Giordano, Uniqlo, Super Dry

T-shirts from assorted stores

Tiger & Flowers:
Green&Yellow: Giordano
Purple: SuperDry
Merrie Melodies: Uniqlo (American Movie Collection)
Hello Kitty & My Melody: Uniqlo (Sanrio Collection)
Black with Pink: Giordano (Aberdeen collection)
Tweety: Uniqlo (American Movie Collection)

2) Pants, Tank top and Others

Esprit, Bossini, SuperDry

Pink/Orange Shirt: Bossini
Lavender Tank Top: SuperDry
Jeans: Esprit

(not seen)
Shorts: Nike
Navy Blue Capri: Esprit


Coat: SuperDry

(not seen)
Flip-Flops: Merrell

3) Entertainment

Movies & Music

Movies & Music

Ghibli’s Best Stories (CD)
As the Light Goes Out
From Vegas to Macau
Side Effects

4) Food & Snacks

5) Medicine

I grew up with Coltalin for colds and flu; Medicated oil for stomachaches & bloatedness and my grandma’s recommendation goes to Po Sum On Balm for everything.  Thats how she’s 100 years old with  no medication.  As for the other two, I saw on the shelf and wanted to try it out. Mentholatum is also a pretty good brand.

6) House stuff fromIKEA in Hong Kong

In general, thats what I ended up getting.  A lot of it was on discount and the food was mostly for gifts shared among friends and family. IKEA in Hong Kong was great because although I bought a house, there are still space efficiency issues to work with and with the small living spaces in Hong Kong, it worked perfectly fine for new ideas to implement.

I’d say now I can properly continue moving into my new place and hopefully be in by July 😉 I know I keep postponing it but things have been a bit hectic and I’m trying to not go too crazy 🙂


Hong Kong Travel posts will go up gradually in the next few weeks so that I don’t bore you with the same material over and over again.  I’ll space out with restaurant reviews, family visits, sightseeing and movie reviews 😉 In this time, other than some guest posts I need to get done, I’ll be taking a break from watching movies unless its summer blockbusters and catch with some TV series 😉 Also, I know I owe you the final post for the Infernal Affairs and thats The Departed review.  Its been done for a long time just sitting in my tablet waiting to sync with my computer.  Expect that some time this week, if not tomorrow.

I will also try to stay on track with the photo challenge. And catch up with my other blog. I can’t do everything this week but gradually things will get back to normal 😉

Happy Monday!

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