The Other Side of Yesterday…

I don’t usually do these single video posts but I was really touched with this one. Wong Fu Productions sometimes has these pretty awesome videos.  I had posted early early in my blogging world one called Who What When Where Why The Last.  Till today, I still think that was one of the best videos they’ve done and I go back to watch it.

The Other Side of Yesterday doesn’t quite top that one but I really like it a lot.  The meaning behind it is pretty positive.

Everything is impossible until you experience it.

Some people choose to live in the past, and others can escape their fear of the future, and some of just simply lost.

No one is ever really gone.  As long as they are remembered, they live on…

We’re all time travelers.  Even though our paths are unique and the challenges presented.  One truth remains constant. Whats to come tomorrow. Whats left behind in yesterday. Its all determined in what we do today.

Isn’t it really awesome? I liked it a lot. Did you?

2 thoughts on “The Other Side of Yesterday…

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