Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

In this week’s photo challenge, capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame. – The Daily Post

Montreal Traffic

To Montrealers, this is a frequent scene.  You thought traffic jams were just during rush hour. Guess again, my friends. This is massive traffic on weekends at 1pm on the road heading to Champlain Bridge.  Its crumbling state is already old news and with the new bridge with nothing much settled with the tolls being the major debate, our temporary solution was to put in a super beam to give it extra support and in winter, they got it going blocking up part of the lane so summer mission was to move it to the bottom.  Postponing it weekend after weekend, this weekend they finally did it and this was the effect.  Of course, all you can see is the construction road sign on the right and the massive pileup in the distance.

Its quite one of those experiences that I’ve worked hard at avoiding. Standstill/crawling traffic under the blazing sun…but then who am I to complain? I wanted the sun and hot weather to come so quality time with it 😉

This is my Split Second Story.  Do you have any? Join into the challenge HERE, if not check out other entries!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

  1. Good thing you are not driving downtown… traffic is getting very bad with all the construction that just started a few days ago! Almost got ran over by crazy drivers because I cannot even walk in the pedestrian buffer (cars/bus/trucks just squeeze into the area and you cannot see the traffic lights)

    I have no idea why, but there is a whole lot more police presence… not sure if it’s because of the construction, Grand Prix or something else that I cannot think of..


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