Special Annoucement!

How’s everyone this lovely day?

As you’re reading this message, I will be on my way to Hong Kong for some long-awaited and needed vacation time.  As many of you have known, I’ve been going through some struggles of my own although I try to not put it too much in the open here.  Tranquil Dreams is my positive outlet so I like to keep it that way!

I’ll be gone for two weeks but don’t you worry, I have you covered! I pulled some late nights for the past week and managed to a decent amount of posts so you won’t be missing me and Tranquil Dreams too too much 😉

So, over the next two weeks, you will be expecting some things like:

  • Infernal Affairs 2 & 3 review followed with The Departed
  • This week’s Photo Challenge
  • Some meaningful videos and my thoughts
  • Daily Prompts

As I’m drafting this post before I’ve actually wrapped up all my posts, that is just the tentative plan!

On top of that, I have a few ideas going around my head and I’ll be probably try to update on twitter and whatnot on the trip.  Only deal is Canada has locked phones so my smartphone is totally useless in Hong Kong so I’m going back to “dumb” phones (I guess, thats what you call it in comparison). However, my tablet will be there and I’m praying that the WordPress app has been updated so it’ll be easier to use than 2 years ago. Maybe I’ll formulate some sort of idea for some long term projects and some additional segments so I’ll toss it out there and see if anyone likes the ideas 😉

On a side note, I joined the Blogging U: Writing 101 for my other blog, Days Nights & Daydreams so I should be trying very hard to get internet access everyday in order to get my post up.

I wanted to do a vlog but I’m running out of time with a bunch of errands left to do. I’ll try to do one in Hong Kong 😉

Drop by and comment for the upcoming posts! I’ll get back to everyone any moment I get hold of any WiFi!

I’ll get re-energized and come back better than before (hopefully)! 🙂

I promise that I’ll catch up with everyone’s post when I get back!!

I always leave with some music so here you go!

Nothing quite says going away like listening to some awesome country rock, especially from the awesome Keith Urban!

I already miss all of you wonderful people! And Rob, Eric and Cara, I remember that I owe you all something.  I will take care of it right when I get back! 🙂

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