Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

This week, share a photo of something that says “twist” to you. It might be that perfect ice cream cone, a yummy bit of liquorice, or something unexpected that surprised, shocked, or startled you. – The Daily Post

This weekend, I headed off to Ottawa.  My friend was part of the half marathon for Ottawa’s Race Weekend.  It was my first time spectating an actual marathon so after I made sure my friend had started his. I went off walking around and after snapping a few pictures of Rideau Canal and Parliament Building, I crossed a bunch of spectators cheering incoming runners as they headed into their last leg of the marathon.

Without actually knowing, I ended up standing there for 2 hours and my friend ran by me.  Now, him running by me wasn’t a surprised but some of the other runners did.  The superheroes were also in town running the marathon (half and full). My phone was running out of juice gradually but I was quick enough to capture these two.

Ottawa Race Weekend

Superman was jogging the marathon

Ottawa Half Marathon

Wonder Woman also was there!

Look at Wonder Woman! She’s smiling as after like 15 kilometres of jogging or something.

I couldn’t grab my phone fast enough because I was in awe but Batman was fully dressed and ready to save the world in his cape and mask. Plus, throw in Captain America and Spiderman (and this team) who was not ready but they were more like the two up there.

On the line of movies, there’s is this lovely candy store in Sugar Mountain which is my heaven *ahem*. I love the twists with new flavors for Nerds and Gummies.

Sugar Mountain

Twist on Candy! 🙂

Exxcuse me? Surf & Turf Nerds! First time I’ve seen it.  And then move your gaze to the gummies with the white and blue coke bottle. Thats called Frozen Bottle or something and it had the picture of Elsa and Frozen.  Good job at riding the Frozen wave, Sugar Mountain 😉

Here’s my take on this week’s photo challenge! To see more entries, check it out HERE!

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