Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

This week’s photo challenge theme is On Top.

On top can be a feeling, a perspective, or a physical location. – The Daily Post

I started thinking to myself after I read this.  What makes me feel like I’m on top of the world?

For starters, its when I’m flying in a plane, travelling from one place to another. You know that moment mid flight when you look out the window and you are literally flying above the clouds or between the clouds, whichever it is.  Over the clearing, you even see mountains under you. That feeling is just something can’t be replaced.  Its exactly how I feel take off is so majestic also.


The second feeling is when on a peak of some kind.

The Hong Kong Peak gives me that feeling especially with the bright lights and skyscrapers.  Its really beautiful to look at.

Hong Kong Peak

I’m not really so much an urban girl.  I don’t like crowds much and lots of people so the most relaxing feeling of being on top of the world has to go to being in nature.  Some of the best views I’ve seen are in viewing towers of Maine.  This one is from the top of the hiking trail in Maine that we spontaneously found while looking for another trail.

Maine Hiking Trail

Maine hiking trail

Now, since I’ve made myself a bit happier thinking about travelling. Lets bring things a bit closer to home and be more literal.

Here’s a view on top of my bookshelves.


It has a bit of me in there.  Cookie jars, childhood dolls, souvenirs from my mom’s trip, my fave Yuna figurine and Disney stuff, oh right and hockey.

And to end things off since I’m doing this last minute and to celebrate Friday! Some fruits floating on top of  my Sangria from a hangout with my friend 🙂


Sangria and fruits

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top.  Be sure to check out other entries HERE!


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