SK Olympics – Omertà review – Montreal, Canada

Check out my review of Omerta for Screenkicker’s Olympics blogathon to represent Montreal 🙂 You should check out all the entries already up and follow the awesome blog run by the very cool Mikey so that you can check out not only his reviews but the other entries. A chance to check out films from all over the world and know some wonderful bloggers!


ObscCTLINGURE references FTWure Obscure wrestling references FTW!

Finally a chance for me to use some of the French I learned at school, as it’s my pleasure to introduce a review of French Canadian film Omertà. It’s brought to you by the amazing Kim from her Tranquil Dreams blog. It’s the place to go for fitness, films, and fancy cakes (I enjoy two of these things and hate the other, guess which!). Bonjour Kim, j’adore le review. That’s all the French I can remember at the minute. Merde!

Screenkicker Olympics – Montreal, Canada
Omertà review by Tranquil Dreams


Director: Luc Dionne

Cast: Michel Côté, Patrick Huard, Stéphane Rousseau, Rachelle Lefevre, René Angelil


Ex-cop Pierre Gauthier (Michel Côté), currently head of a private security agency called Pulsar International, is hired by his former boss Gilbert Tanguay to investigate an early released 2nd degree murder/psychopath, Sam Cohen (Stéphane Rousseau).  For this, Pierre hires ex-Canada Secret…

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