#RunWithMe & New Workout Goals!

It sure seems like my brain is running wild on me and I’m making crazy decisions. Thats okay! Its all for bigger and better things.  Apparently, relaxation doesn’t suit me, even if my body thinks it should. I just can’t imagine not having some form of workout goals anymore.  Let me tell you.  I just got back into my workout motivation and its been 2 weeks since my Week 52 post went up, signalling the end of my working out for a year straight on 3-4 workouts a week. I did maybe 2 yoga workouts since then and last week when I got the Tribesports email on their new campaign called Run With Me, I was literally doing a victory dance. Thank you Tribesports! You just gave me another goal in my life! Whats nice is that it matches up with a weekend chat I had with my best friend to start training together in hopes to participate in a half marathon in 2015. I always talk about Tribesports and the whole sporting community.  Fact is, I think its a really awesome platform especially since this week they are promoting my favorite workout of theirs: Core Workout! 🙂

Tribesports Core Workout I truly believe in the core being essential to a lot of our cardio work, especially in jogging.  Whatever way you think about it, your core supports the whole torso which connects all the body parts.  The strength in your core is linked to your back so working your core usually means working some other muscles as well. It works on balance, posture and I know that I’ve done better with cardio since I’ve worked on my core 🙂 This Core Workout is just absolutely great.  Its less intense than it used to be but I know I’ve gotten better since more than a year ago because I now do full pushups (and not modified ones on my knees).  The reps are less painful but I still shook yesterday in my second set because I haven’t worked out in a week or two doing intense workouts. Planking was massively painful but I am able to still hold for a good while.  The best part is that I actually know I’ve strengthened my obliques because 30 second side planks are quite good 🙂 Despite my whole 30 day crunch challenge, not working out for a while killed my endurance because that last set of 50 crunches was horrible.  I wanted to cry because my abs were screaming in pain. Literally, in pain.  Thats good though.  It just means that I’m working those abs 🙂 I’m not much of a runner but I’ve learned that running is very refreshing for the mind.  Plus, it costs nothing and helps in the burning fat process so I’d say its a winner in all areas. Are you a runner? Maybe you want to join me as I explore the world of training to not only become a runner but towards my first marathon. Wait, before I move along, lets look at the two challenges I’ll be working on 🙂 I know myself well enough that if I don’t at least jump start this with a challenge or two, I’ll just fall off the map and sit around doing nothing.  At least I know my best friend and I will try to meet up every week at least once and do a run together 🙂 Plus, I’ll be getting in a lot of cycling while I help my more advanced running friends prepare for their half marathon in September. My running goals will start with this little 8 week plan I found on Popsugar Fitness.

1 Mon: walk 2 min., run 1 min. (7x) = 21 min.
Wed: walk 2 min., run 2 min. (6x) = 24 min.
Fri: walk 2 min., run 3 min. (5x) = 25 min.
2 Mon: walk 1 min., run 3 min. (7x) = 28 min.
Wed: walk 1 min., run 4 min. (5x) = 25 min.
Fri: walk 1 min., run 5 min. (5x) = 30 min.
3 Mon: walk 1 min., run 6 min. (4x) = 28 min.
Wed: walk 1 min., run 7 min. (4x) = 32 min.
Fri: walk 1 min., run 8 min. (4x) = 36 min.
4 Mon: run 8 min., walk 1 min., run 9 min., walk 1 min. (2x) = 38 min. Wed: run 9 min., walk 1 min., run 9 min., walk 1 min. (2x) = 40 min. Fri: run 9 min., walk 1 min., run 10 min., walk 1 min. (2x) = 42 min.
5 Mon: run 10 min., walk 1 min., run 10 min., walk 1 min. (2x) = 44 min. Wed: run 10 min., walk 1 min., run 12 min. (1x) = 23 min. Fri: run 12 min., walk 1 min., run 15 min. (1x) = 28 min.
6 Mon: run 15 min., walk 1 min., run 15 min. (1x) = 31 min.
Wed: run 15 min., walk 1 min., run 18 min. (1x) = 34 min.
Fri: run 18 min., walk 1 min., run 20 min. (1x) = 39 min.
7 Mon: run 10 min., walk 1 min., run 21 min. (1x) = 32 min.
Wed: run 10 min., walk 1 min., run 23 min. (1x) = 34 min.
Fri: run 10 min., walk 1 min., run 25 min. (1x) = 36 min.
8 Mon: run 26 min. (1x) = 26 min.
Wed:run 28 min. (1x) = 28 min.
Fri: run 30 min. (1x) = 30 min.

You can check out the full article HERE!  This works for me! I’m a walker.  I walk everywhere because I like being outside (when its not cold) but its also being cheap with my bus pass and avoiding the stinky and not well circulated subway. Last summer, I went outside to jog TWICE and worked out in my backyard a few times also.  Thats actually nothing to boast about but for me, its improvement on the ONE time I went to do a lame jog the year before that. I’m improving, ok? Its just hard sometimes to make myself get out of the house and not be sure what to wear.  Its not like you are at home, right? If you start getting sweaty and disgusting you can remove pieces of clothing but I’m not much of an exhibitionist so I’m not all for the whole jogging in my sports bra only outdoors.  Its just not who I am.Before that topic gets awkward, one last bit of business is that I’m back on the 30 day challenge thing and I chose the Beach Body Challenge.


I just want to state a point that I believe whoever put this together is batshit crazy.  Day 7 and we’re already doing 50 burpees.  Wish me luck, okay? I have a feeling that I’ll back out of this one really quick.Still, I’m going to give it my absolute best shot! Let’s stay positive and embrace the crazy together! 🙂

MUCH STRONGERHell yeah! Of course I am! I’m ready to take this on! 🙂 

Are you a runner? Have you ran any form of marathon? How do you challenge and/or motivate yourself?

P.S. Are you on Tribesports? Add me if you are! It’d be nice to have friends there!

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