Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

I haven’t really had the time to go wander around the streets much. For fellow Canadians (not sure about Americans or other countries), April 30th is the due date for our personal income taxes.  Working in that field, although not particularly in that department, it does affect the overall stress level and workload in the office that passes through my desk in April, especially since I have the side task of being the reception also.

The only street life I see if after work when I’m walking to the bus terminus and then that life is just everyone racing into the subway or to the bus, or whatever other method in their mad rush to go home in whichever corner of Montreal and the surrounding areas they may come from. So no, Montreal street life usually is quite fabulous, but I’m not going to use that.

Instead, this week, I just got my tickets for my earlier than intended vacation! YAY! Something to look forward to although its always the same old same old.  You guessed it! Hong Kong, baby! 🙂 Well, I promised both my grandmas, what can I say? I can update my wardrobe, do some sightseeing and I personally want to see if I can do a hiking trail somewhere, eat some delicious dimsum and just relax!

Because I’m so excited for that! Here are some pictures of street life in Hong Kong from my 2012 trip 🙂

Hong Kong

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong aka the busiest crosswalk EVER!

Ladies Market Hong Kong

Ladies Market, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Mongkok Hong Kong

Street performers, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be a small little island but the population density never ceases to amaze me when I first land, along with the humidity that is.  Its been a while since I’ve gone in summer.  I can tell you this, I’ll be on my own little detox program without actually meaning to do it 😉 Maybe I’ll even wake up early and do morning jogs.  I have to start researching that vacation in May.

Anyone going to be in Hong Kong in June.  Maybe we can meet up? 🙂

Here is my response to this week’s photo challenge. You can see more entries on Street Life HERE!

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