Double Book Review: Minutes Before Sunset & The City of Worms

Its not the end of the month but I really wanted to give special focus on these books from fellow bloggers. Plus, I’ve been really slowing down the reading process so I need a boost.  I figured writing about books would help.

Both of these books are part of a larger series and from two different and very talented writers.

Lets check both of these out!



minutes before sunset

Eric is the descendant of the shades, beings who have a human body but shift into their true identity with a completely different appearance and represent the Dark that defend against the evil Light. With one year before his 18th birthday, he needs to train extra hard in order to be ready for the upcoming war to defend all of civilization, essentially a fight that can’t be avoided. One day, when a new girl Jessica appears, Eric’s world changes a little.  She is assigned to be his science partner and despite his uncaring behavior, she strives to make him care so that she can good grades in order for her adoptive parents to allow her to continue her search for information on her biological family’s mysterious past.

Minutes Before Sunset is an awesome read.  To start off a trilogy with this book makes me look forward to whats to come anxiously.  One aspect I like a lot about this one is that the author chooses for the audience to flip between the point of view of Jessica and Eric so we get a full picture of what is going on and in many ways, it creates a link to both sides.  It also creates an attachment to the characters.  The second part that really works is flipping the normal Light is good and Dark is bad and reversing it in a way that justifies why its actually the other way around in this world.  Plus, it adds a little forbidden love aspect to it which works out rather well.

This novel sets the stage for the battle of Light and Dark and honestly, for the first time in my life, I’m behind the Dark.  I look forward to reading the next one a lot.

I totally recommend this one! 🙂

You can find Shannon’s blog HERE!



the city of worms cover

Last recommendation month back in August, I read the first book in Everville.  You can find the review HERE!

If you haven’t read the first book, The First Pillar, you should do so before reading the second one.  The main reason behind it is that Everville is another dimension in our world that is going through a battle between The Fron and Them.  There’s a lot of terms and whatnot that is picked up in the first book that you will probably need to know in order to not get lost in the second book. Lets do a short synopsis

Picking up shortly after the first book, Owen and his friends are recovering from the last stand off and picking up the pieces as they buy themselves a little extra time to figure out how to defeat Them.  They start figuring out little clues as what to do as they learn more about Everville and the secrets it has hidden away.  Bouncing between the two dimensions, Owen must find a way to stop Them from reclaiming The City of Worms, which is their next target which could lead to serious consequences.

The City of Worms doesn’t quite have the intensity of The First Pillar at the beginning.  In fact, it drags out a little bit in a slow-paced unwinding of events but as the story reached about 25% in, it started picking up with a lot more action and mystery.  Owen becomes put in situations of figuring out and discovering more about Everville that contributes to how they would resolve the situation happening in The City of Worms. They are all just learning about Everville and its inhabitants and the predicament they are all in and his duties and already there are challenge after challenge especially in determining who is on which side and whether everyone on their team is loyal. As new characters pop up and the story  unwinds, The City of Worms ends on a note that makes me anticipate the next book.  Luckily, the third book is already out and I’m going to be reading that very soon 🙂

You can find Roy’s blog HERE!

Both of these reviews should have been up long ago.  I finished them earlier and they already saw my review of it on Goodreads but I felt like it wouldn’t be right to not post it up here a little bit more extensive since this is recommendations month and I said that there would be book reviews 😉  I’m actually have quite the collection of ebooks right now from fellow bloggers that I’m looking forward to read.  I’m really behind in my reading challenge so hopefully, I’ll get back on track in April!

Remember to check out these series if you like young adult adventure/sci-fi/fantasy sort of novels.  Its fun and entertaining 🙂

Look for the Recommendations month recap a little bit later!

Happy Monday!

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