Predators (2010)

I can’t remember when I had this comments discussion with Java Girl but somehow in that conversation in one of the posts, I ended promising that I’d watch Predators.  Her blog is Java Girl’s Life and she runs a lovely little blog, with her most recent addition of weekly comics on her life and movie reviews, etc.  Its really fun and you should check it out if you haven’t already.

I’m one of those late bloomers.  My boyfriend introduced me to a lot of these movies like the Alien movies and then shortly after the Predator movies in the last few years.  Its kind of a running joke between me and my boyfriend that I refer to the Predator movie as Arnold versus the moving leaf.  Obviously that had to do with the lack of effects back then and the whole not so effective camouflage along with the not so high quality TV that I have.  Either way, point being, I did like the movie Predator (not so much the sequels) so I was hesitant for this one.  But I said I’d do it so better late than never, right? Let’s check it out!

predators 2010 posterDirector: Nimrod Antal

Cast: Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Topher Grace, Walton Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Louis Ozawa Changchien

A group of fighters/misfits: doctor, military, mercenary, criminal, yakuza, drug lord, etc, all wake up in free fall and manage to open their parachute in time to land safely in the middle of an unknown jungle.  They soon realize that they are on another planet and that they are being hunted by an unknown group of species.  They must find a way to survive and escape together before the creatures, and especially the alien predators, catch and kill them.

predators group

Its kind of weird but I feel slightly the same towards this sequel as I did for the 300: Rise of the Empire one that I reviewed a few days ago HERE! After so many, Predator 2 and AVP, Predators was probably not really  a necessity and actually its not even really a sequel as it does a lot that pays tribute to the first one.  However, it is a sequel as it makes a point to show that its set later on and talks about the original’s end results. This time around, its not just ONE predator but its multiple.  Maybe they were taking a lesson from the success of Aliens, who knows, right?

predators adrien brody alice braga

Still, thinking back to the meh-ness of Predator 2 and the disastrous AVP, I really had a decently at times intense and thrilling time with Predators.  I’m not exactly sure of the casting choices here.  There is no doubt that Adrien Brody is a fantastic actor but somehow I have this issue with tough guys have low, raspy voices.  I don’t even know how to describe it anymore.  Of course, that voices probably is more macho than using his original voice.  It also comes with the face that I can’t actually view him as a mercenary.  Still, he proves that he’s put in a lot of physical work to get a muscular body and tough guy act down.  Plus, the group itself is an odd mix but somehow works well enough off of each other.  Although, no one can quite replace Arnold’s one liners, this one does have some silly dialogue. The character’s also build a rather tense environment but crack a few sarcastic comments (that made me laugh at least).


Overall, Predators takes a few ideas from the first one and wraps it into a sequel where they are trapped and become prey to predators when this group has predator instincts as well from their own training.  There’s some silly dialogue and a really oddball group but somehow sometime works alright for me.  There’s some decent tension built despite the obvious overload of people in the group calling for a lack of character development and connection.  Still, it works and thats what counts! 🙂  Maybe it was just because it took me by surprise that they finally got a sequel right.  Sometimes, its good to go into a movie blind, right?

Have you seen Predators? What do you think of this sequel? Is it worthy or necessary? Are you a fan of the Predator series? 

19 thoughts on “Predators (2010)

  1. Nice review. Unlike yourself, I preferred Predator 2 to Predators, which I thought was pretty average. I can well understand why they wanted to a “proper” sequel though. Outside of the first two, I think the Predator has only existed in films to face off against the Aliens. Which seems a bit crap for such an iconic creature as the Predator.


  2. I actually love the original. It was all testosterone machoism made for the male survival instinct and male ego fight mechanism – so I can see it wouldn’t have many women fans. I thought the invisible sheild effects were good – but maybe not the raygun shots. As each of those macho warriors died, I was bummed out and it made the big fight scene at the end all the more important. When Carl Wethers got his arm sliced off I almost jumped out of my seat with anger. With this sequel, I didn’t have the same commradere for the characters. So, no, I didn’t like it nearly as much as the original.

    Also, I know horror and sci-fi fans are going to cringe but I LOVE Alien vs Predator (the first one in Antartica).

    The sequel with Danny Glover I didn’t like nor the sequel AVP:Requiem.


    • Arnold movies seem to always have the male ego fight mechanism, as you call it and its something I love watching. I think I talked about that for the Expendables review about how I love watching these testosterone filled movies. I like Predator and this one lacks the whole character development they had in the original, mostly I think because they had so many people in their group.

      Wait, how many AvP movies were there? I remember the Antarctica one was okay but Requiem was just so bad…was there another one?


  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog! Did I review Predators too? I can’t remember. Might have been my son. I know he did (it was so cute). My client is the one who got me into the whole Alien and Predator movies. My son and I have watched all of them (and in order) and have concluded we like the Predator “monster” better. Turns out the Predators give a break to people who have asthma (they can be nice when they aren’t skinning people and hanging them upside down). Lol. We also think it’s hilarious how their dreadlocks fly in slow motion when they run and how they press the buttons on their cool watches. Lol. These movies are all in good fun and we just laugh. I absolutely love having a son because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be watching movies about dinosaurs chasing people (Jurassic Park), big clunky lizards (Godzilla!!!!), robots (Transformers), super heroes (Thor etc) and the list goes on and on. We’re into a lot of the apocalyptic movies lately. Science fiction is huge in our house! When we watch movies, I don’t tell him if the movie is bad or not because he’s just a kid. It’s just seeing him enjoy the movie that makes me so happy. He has plenty of time later on to see if the movies we watch now is good or not, but for now, we just watch those movies because he’s making memories with me. Great review!!


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