What Have YOU Suggested/Recommended?


oh my god

Honestly, thats all I really have to say! I’ve mentioned on multiple weekend posts but I felt it was fair to do it on a weekday post since not everyone goes online on the weekends 😉 Plus, I’m SUPER excited!!!

Last August when I wrapped up Recommendations month, a few of you said it’d be a good idea to do another one.  Well, here it is! 🙂

Well, I have more than enough recommendations to fill up a good bit, it was just a matter of compiling the ongoing list with the ones readily available on Netflix or my unseen pile of DVDs or Blu rays.

I already have some movies, a piano cover and a book review all lined up.  Now, if you have anything you’d like to add, I always welcome more and I encourage comments.  Maybe you have something you’d like to suggest, a personal fave, or even something you think is underrated.  If its on Netflix, its even better 😉 Just saying!

I’m opening up my options this time to anything I cover.  If there’s something in Montreal, you’ve always wanted to see, tell me…I’ll go and take a nice photo of it, make a little event page.  Hey, you might tell me something  I never knew was so memorable…who knows, right?

Or maybe there’s something, baked goods, that you’d like to challenge me to make.  I love baking challenges! I actually wouldn’t mind a few more of those 🙂

Even if you want me to write about something or talk about something in a vlog, hey, I’d do that too! Granted that might be limited to one because those things are super long because I’m picky and film and refilm and refilm and edit and more editing…

Maybe you don’t even remember dropping me a film title in a comment somewhere, and you’ll be surprised by my review, because I’ve fine combed through all the comments to look for everything starting from beginning of 2012!

Last time, I learned that you all have wonderful taste in movies and I think some of you know me pretty well because I enjoyed 90% of the movies I reviewed. I’m hoping to visit some more awesome movies!

Drop by! Have fun! Leave me even more suggestions! Visit some new blogs! 🙂

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