Week 50: This is My Therapy!

Week 50 continues on with the Nike Training Club app and the Get Toned program that I’ve been following for the past two weeks.  If you haven’t seen it before, you can check out Week 1 HERE and Week 2 HERE!

Moving into Week 3, I’m starting to see the changes where it ups the muscular endurance a bit more with slightly longer workouts. The program sticks to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday workout days which I kept with as this week was busy and I didn’t have time to add anything extra.

Tuesday was the same workout I’ve done in the past two, 30 minutes Kickin’ It.  You can find that in the above 2 links.  This time around, its becoming easier to complete.  I still have trouble with the broad jumps and tuck jumps.  However, I’ve been able to control how soft I land and do more reps within the same length of time.

Wednesday is yoga day.  This week, we break out of normal yoga and head into Leah Kim’s 45 minutes Advanced Yoga.

45 mins Leah Kim Advanced Yoga Workout

Leah Kim’s Advanced Yoga Workout

Although there isn’t a visual and I would have preferred that for a few of these moves, Leah Kim does give a good vocal walkthrough instructions.  Plus, I know some of these from before.  The last bit with the Closed Hip and Open Hip Series was the hardest because it required a lot from my balance and over the last few weeks, I’ve learned that I have trouble balancing on my left leg.  This one is more intense but its refreshing to see more challenges in the yoga routine. It definitely did re-energize me.

Thursday goes into another 45 minutes workout, as was the case for the past two weeks also. This week, we have what they called Body Buffer Workout.

NTC Body Buffer

45 mins. NTC Body Buffer

Body Buffer strings together a lot of workouts that don’t usually seem hard but when done one after another, it hits another level of challenge.  I really enjoyed it.  It challenged my body.  However, the real hard part started at the plank walks, because thats when its about the 30 minutes point and there’s been already so much done before using similar muscles.  Plus, I naturally have a hard time with this one specifically.  A new one that I’ve done rarely is the Squat flips with 180 degree turns.  Crazy Ivans are also pretty intense to do.  Whats nice is after that, you know you go into stretching and it releases all the pain.

I was extremely happy to get my Friday off. It was nice to give my body a rest.  On Saturday, I did this one right before dinner since it was the only time slot I had. It was only a 30 minutes one called Curve Carver.

NTC Curve Carver

NTC 30 mins Curve Carver

Honestly, as tiring as some of these are.  Curve Carve was the more relaxing one of this week.  Suitcases did murder my abs, Push Away Balance was challenging for both legs and arms. And those Single leg clock squats are also quite intense for the leg muscles. Plus, the final dose of Plank walks was the toughest.  I’ll get better in time.  Every time I do it, I always see improvement 🙂

There’s my Week 50! 2 more weeks to go! I think I’ve made my final decision on whats going to happen with this one after you’ve witnessed my year. I’ll announce that in Week 52 or in a separate post 🙂 I promise it won’t disappoint, ok? I really love working out and it doesn’t mean I’ll stop working out either.  Actually, its become so much of a part of my life that this is one of the reasons I train.  ITS MY THERAPY!

my therapy

It keeps me focused and balanced mentally and physically stronger and healthier.  I feel more energized 🙂 Love it!

Lets bring it! One more week before I’m done this program! I should’ve tracked my body and results before I started but oh well…whats done is done, right?

Have you tried the Nike Training Club app?

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