The Croods (2013)

I’m going to try to get through 2013 flicks at least one per week.  Last week, I decided that its been too long that I haven’t watched animated movies.  I think the last one I watched wasn’t even a full review.  Actually, its kind of crazy.  I’m way ahead of movie watching but just so behind writing up all the reviews.  Thats actually never happened before but its comforting to know that I now have time at night to study or explore other stuff than just watching Netflix all the time. Last week, I decided that I wanted to watch The Croods.  I’ve read mostly positive reviews for this and with the bad reputation of Nicolas Cage picking up a lot of not so great movies because of his debts and still getting good reviews, I was pretty intrigued.  Lets check it out!

the croods posterDirector: Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders

Voice Cast: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke, Chris Sanders

The Croods is a family of cavemen who live under the patriarch of the family, Grug (Nicolas Cage), who has proven through his many survivor stories to “never not be afraid”. Although everyone agrees and lives by this, his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) craves to be in more light and exploring the world.  One time, when they were sheltering in their cave, Eep sees a strange light that moves and she follows it to find a boy, Guy (Ryan Reynolds) in disguise with something called fire that protects and scares away creatures.  He warns her that he’s running away to faraway mountains to be safe from the world’s end.  When she heads back and her parents don’t believe her while the signs of what Guy says starts occurring, eventually causing their home to be destroyed, The Croods pick up the whole family and have to try and find themselves another home.  Eventually, meeting Guy again, they travel together to find safety.  While Guy learns about The Croods and their barbaric ways, The Croods also slowly learn the way to survive with something called ideas instead of brute force.

croods eep

If you’re new to the site, I’ve been pretty impressed with the last two years of animated flicks.  Dreamworks has been kicking some serious butt.  They are the brains behind the neverending Madagascar and Ice Age series, which I will cringe if they make another of because I refuse to watch it.  Still, Dreamworks has proven if not by earlier animations but with How To Train a Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and the more recent Rise of the Guardians, that they are a force to be reckoned.  I’m happy to say that The Croods is in the same ballpark.  Its entertaining for all ages and its hilarious.  The colors and scenes are beautiful especially after the move onto the jungle portion and the creatures are adorable and pretty. Just look at this little guy:

the croods tiger

Okay okay, I’m a tiger addict so this feline totally stole my heart away.

Not just looking at creatures, the characters were really fun to watch.  The whole cavemen learning about newer things and learning to use their brain to form ideas and solve problems.  The whole concept of breaking out of tradition.  The voice work was just so good.  Despite how everyone thinks Nicolas Cage really sucks in the recent years, I  haven’t seen too much of his newer stuff but even the movies like Sorcerer’s Apprentice was fun in my book.  But then, my scale and expectations shift depending on the movie genre and the target audience I feel they are aiming for.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything with Nicolas Cage doing voice work but man, he was hilarious.  Add in the very enthusiastic and sarcastic Emma Stone doing Eep and this movie already won my heart over.  As for Ryan Reynolds, I don’t have a huge opoinion on him.  He has done movies I love, hate and am indifferent to but I realized that I never recognize his voice, ever.  Its really weird but somehow in this one, his character of Guy and how he portrayed his voice worked well.  I liked it 🙂

the croods guy and thunk

I’m just praising the movie non-stop, right? Is it so weird though? Co-director in this is Chris Sanders, who also does the voice of Belt, the little purple fluff up in that picture that looks like a sloth.  Chris Sanders has directed movies that I love including Lilo & Stitch and How to Train a Dragon.  I didn’t know that part until I researched a bit for this.  He is awesome and I hope he keeps making these things because it totally works for me.  It reminds me of how much I just love animation and could watch ALL THE TIME!

the croods family

To be fair, its rare to find a perfect movie.  I was very pleased with this.  In a more objective mind, the story was not as developed or maybe not even that original because its just cavemen learning to be more sophisticated, adding in the family aspect and whatnot but thats okay because animations don’t have to be that detailed.  They are for kids and as long as the main point is carried out and everyone has a good time. Thats really what matters 🙂 There were some touching moments here between Grug and Eep in the end and I just bonded with the characters so much, I kind of cheered them on in their escape to evade the world’s end.

I really have nothing more to say about this. OVERALL, it was fun, entertaining, hilarious. The puns worked great and the characters are awesome.  The voice work was great and you know what, the creatures and background was just adorable and beautiful respectively. I had a great time with it and I think it’ll be great for seeing for both kids and adults.

Have you seen The Croods? What is your favorite Dreamworks animation? 

11 thoughts on “The Croods (2013)

  1. I usually like animated movies but for some reason just haven’t been interested in seeing this. Now I might give it a shot after reading your enthusiastic review, so we’ll see 🙂


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