Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Last night I went on a little treasure hunt in my house. I live a pretty regular normal everyday life so there isn’t any jewelry or anything thats valuable to anyone else but me.  Its all filled with memories and anecdotes.

Lets check out a few of mine!

My Little Pony

My Little Pony

First up on the top is my two toys.  I wasn’t much of a Barbie girl but if anything crossed me over to the girly spectrum when I was younger (other than my long hair) would have to be My Little Pony.  They were colorful and adorable. I’ve had a few hand me downs from my cousins but this one right here is mine.  Its my very first My Little Pony and hold very close to my heart.

My baby teddy

My baby teddy

Next to that is my little teddy.  I actually have a bigger one that looks exactly like its dad but funny enough, it was two different people who gave it to me.  Point is, this is my first plush ever (I think).  Its always been with me and I don’t see how I’ll throw it away.  Granted Lotsa and Flounder has taken over my bed but it stands next to all of my favorite stuff on top of my bookcase.

High School notes/letters with my best friends

High School notes/letters with my best friends

Next, we have my letters and notes with my friends back when I was in high school.  Most of my high school friends aren’t really in touch anymore as we all have our own lives now.  This marked some of the most truest friends in my life and some of the best times.  These things included silliness at its very best and sometimes, I crack them open and read it for the fun of it.

Security blanket

Security blanket

This is one of my best treasures.  Its been repaired a lot of times by my mom and there are still holes in it but even my cat loves it.  My boyfriend says its because its with me so much, its like she can smell me on it.  Sounds a bit crazy but this is my security blanket.  I sleep better just because I know its there.  My mom still threatens to throw it out but I secretly check every night to make sure she hasn’t…yet.

Tiger pillow

Tiger pillow

All these random little things and this one up next is the tiger pillow.  Its one of the first times my dad and I went to go shopping together.  He’s an extremely busy man when I was younger and only partially retired when I was 15, which made for a tough transition.  However, its a complicated relationship but his passing came too soon and the memories of him stay the closest to me. This is something he bought me on one of our few shopping trips when I was 8.

Broken cookie jar

Broken cookie jar

Actually the same goes for this one.  No one would ever want a broken cookie jar but my dad was young at heart and he loved these childish animated cute things.  We still own all of the cookie jars but this pig one is my favorite.  Maybe its because pink as my favorite color or just the pig was so adorable.  When I was around 13 or something, my aunt broke the head by accident.  I was so angry about it which also holds some memories of that. My aunt was my best friend when I was in my mid teens when she lived with us.  Losing her from my life and watching her being taken from cancer was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

My dad's quick sketches

My dad’s quick sketches

Last up, ending with a more positive note, I’ve posted before about my dad’s Chinese painting but here is just how artistic he is.  My dad loves to just pick up whatever watercolor or sketch pencil and jump right in.  A lot of this was spontaneous and quick.  I keep his folder full of sketches and sometimes, I pull them out.  I loved watching my dad draw and paint.  It could be a picture in a book or the newspaper or even just our cat back then.  Happy memories 🙂

Those are my treasures.  Of course, there are more for my relationship with other loved ones like my boyfriend and my mom and best friends.  I’ve been putting up pretty short photo challenge responses but hopefully this one makes up for it a little more 🙂

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure.  Check out HERE to see more entries.

Now that you’ve seen my treasures, what are yours? 

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