Valentine’s and Being Thankful for Life’s Sweet and Bitter!

I’m writing this super late than usual and well, its mostly because its been quite a busy day and I slept early because I got hit with this weird mild stomach flu bug or something, but now I’m helplessly awake and unable to go back to bed.

Either way, it doesn’t change that I did know what I wanted to write today.

Honestly, this has been one of the best Valentine’s Day in my life.  Its not that anything big happened but somehow I realized this even more than anything.

when life is

Its been a crazy month and a half at work and I’m happy that it should slow down (hopefully) a little and I’ll be able to manage my time a bit better than I have for the whole start of 2014 till now.  Maybe it seems like things are going on schedule but believe me, its been quite hectic to get material onto the site and its made reading up on all of your wonderful blogs so much harder.  I’m working on it though.  🙂 I’m late but never not there!

First of all, Valentine’s to me is not just about love as in love with my boyfriend but just sharing time with the ones that mean the most to us.  My boyfriend had to work that night while I work the day so we didn’t have many celebrations and I ended up going out to run errands with one of my really good friends. Which comes to the point that this post as to what revelations I had on Valentine’s instead of recapping my boring week.

It started with a little fun bit of picking up something from this place that I’ve always wanted to try out called Cafe Ceramic. Its where you can choose a piece of things you want to paint from their collection and you sit down and do it, then they bake it for you and you go back to pick it up for a certain hourly rate or whatnot.  I’m not sure how it works exactly but it looks crazy cool and I’m planning on doing that even with my limited artistic skills 😉 While I was waiting for my friend and taking a washroom break, the bathroom had these cute pictures on top of the faucet.


Cute, right? After going to check out a few things around that area, we went back to dinner at Five Guys Hamburger joint.

Five Guys Hamburgers

Simple meal but a good evening with good company sometimes is just so fulfilling.

I didn’t expect to go out late at all but when I got home, I received snail mail from one of my awesome high school friends who also happen to be my travel buddy in the form of a Valentine’s Day card and also, a surprise bouquet of red roses from my boyfriend.  I’m not a girl that asks for anything on Valentine’s but little gestures still make me happy.


This part is where life is sweet and I celebrated and as always, am so thankful for these fabulous people in my life.  Valentine’s Day could not rock more than that.

**Its a good time to say that as positive as the outcome of the below section is I’m slightly rambling and just discussing some deeper feelings.  If you don’t want to read about it, I completely understand and you can scroll down for the ending**

With that quote on the top, you know something else will happen, right? Actually, its not a bad thing because its true.  I had a really huge revelation that suddenly became really clear to me.  Its actually a few things but that one little trigger made me remember that sometimes, it is time to let go, move forward and grow.  It has to do with my friends and something they said that was honestly quite hurtful but I don’t think they realized it.  But its at that moment I realized this…

don't ever feel guilty

I’m not perfect and I’m so far from it.  I give second chances, third chances and even more than that if I see that its really worth it but at a certain point, yesterday, I realized that as much as I want to keep being friends with someone who utters hurtful things without knowing it  and especially when they are drunk and I let it slide, I’ve also come to realize that its time to let go because it is toxic.  I’ve become that person that this particular friend will go to when they are only a depressed and drunk and when they are happy (and probably drunk also), well, they just say these ridiculous things that probably means they don’t really care.  I guess it also means that my best thing is to know they are happy when I don’t hear from them. Thinking about that reminds me of a post I wrote back in the first year about two types of friends: drains and radiators.  There was a time in my life this person was a radiator but things change and it just becomes painful and hurtful to keep them in my life right now.  Maybe its time to slowly back away…I’m just one of those people who don’t want to ever give up on anything or anyone but I don’t know anymore. Do I sound mean or overly sensitive? I’m really just protecting myself at this point.  There are a lot of people that probably deserve my time more than shedding only their ugly baggage on me, like people who not only confide in me with their sad thoughts (which really doesn’t bother me because I’m flattered that they trust me) but respect me enough to also share with me their happy thoughts because they want to share their joy with me also. Is what I’m doing wrong? Its really been bothering me a lot and kind of still is…in time, I’ll figure that out.

be thankful

**resume here if you skipped**

However, this has a positive turn to it because other than that revelation being slightly troublesome, this week and especially that event has inspired me to really look into branching out with a new blog solely for some (amateur) writing.  Its not something new.  I’ve been thinking about it near the end of 2013 when I started feeling like this particular space covers way too many things and you can see that I’m slowly shedding things off year by year until I find the perfect balance. I’m still thinking if thats a good idea but I’m feeling very inspired to do it…the only thing missing is a title for a new blog.  If I think of a good one, well, maybe you will see the birth of something new.  Just maybe 😉  Actually, once I find a good wording for a tagline that a fellow blogger inspired (and he should know who he is if he reads this), I’ll be also adding that on.

Honestly, I’m gearing up for some possible career changes and I don’t think I would’ve found the inspiration if that whole above thing didn’t happen.  Its one thing to be remove toxic people but there are also times when life just moves on and I think its time for me to do just that.  Its time to start setting up a game plan and doing what needs to be done and giving what I want to do a fair shot 🙂  See, I told you there would be more positive than negative.  There always is with me!

I wanted to write  a bit more but you know what? This was a heavy post and with my still somewhat sickly health, I will try to get some more sleep.  But you know me, I won’t leave you hanging.  Saturday proved to be very fun as well, also running about but they were cheered up by not only good company but also seeing these beautiful cats.  I know a lot of you like cat pictures so this is for you!



Also, I’ve been just tracking Olympics on social media and new sites and not officially watching but apparently, at 10am while going back to the office from a work errand, I realized how many people have free time to sit and watch free TV.


Honestly, I wish I was them.  That would be pretty sweet, right? And don’t you love this concept? Bringing in people with free Olympics coverage.  I think its amazing! Have you been following the Olympics? Talking about Olympics, have you checked out the Screenkicker Olympics Blogathon? If you haven’t, you should check it out.  I linked it to the name so you can get all the info and see if maybe you’d like to join in.  I sure am! 🙂

My Valentine’s turned out to be very unexpected and helped push and inspire a bit of soul searching.  How was your Valentine’s Day?

Hope the weekend has been awesome for all of you so far (and healthier than mine)! 

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