Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s photo challenge is Selfie.  Well, if you’ve been stopping any amount of time in my little world here, you’ll know that as much as I’m not much of a photo person I do post up selfies rather frequently.  Its mostly because I don’t have many friends so whenever I do something, I’ve learned that snapping shots of myself in it really is the only thing I can do to document it.

Honestly speaking, the posts that I do have selfies in probably have good responses and well, some of them like THIS one is the one I’m most proud of. That post was a masterpiece in my mind because I broke through my shyness and self-consciousness and just posted it up.

Either way, no more rambling.  I won’t bomb you with selfies.  I decided that I’d show you one from last night and also a little forecast on an upcoming post 😉

Me and my Valentine's Baking :)

Me and my Valentine’s Baking 🙂

I just remembered that I never asked if anyone wanted a Valentine this year.  Do you want a belated valentine anyone? haha…

If you know me, well, I dug through my stuff to find some more selfies that I hadn’t posted up and this next one is fairly recent from my adventure into the outdoor exhibit Entre les Rangs.

Entre les rangs

Entre les Rangs exhibit

How about one from a few months ago with my darling little girl?


Doesn’t my little girl make you want to sleep by looking at her? She just so comfortable 🙂

Okay, thats enough of me.  We’re going to move away from there and get back to business!

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie! To see more posts, click HERE!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

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  4. Glad you got over your shyness for the selfie. I know not all of us are comfortable with them, but so many people just posted shadows of themselves – I was amazed. Your cat looks a lot like mine, and she took part in the selfie challenge too! The cupcakes look lovely. Happy Valentine/s Day!


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