Outdoor Exhibit: Entre les Rangs

Entre les Rangs is a located on the Quartier des spectacles strip right next to Place des Arts in Montreal.  Its pretty much in the central downtown area but this area is becoming more and more artistic.  It highlights a lot of projects that dedicate to the environment around us using sensory experience.

Entre les Rangs Quartier des Spectacles

Entre les Rangs is exactly that: a sensory experience.  I called it dandelions because thats what it seemed like to me but in fact, it is an imitation of the Quebec wheat fields using the seigneurial system of New France back ages ago when it was first inhabited.  Using flexible stems with white reflectors, the beaming assorted lights overhead and the lights from the buildings reflect and react to not only wind and brushing through it as the visitors go through the maze of different layers of stems but there is also soothing music that matches it. Its an amazing experience 🙂

Entre les Rangs Montreal

I went on massive snapping mode on my phone and there were some good shots.  I totally regretted not taking my DSLR but my bag had no room anyways.  I did my best with what I had 🙂 Its the last weekend for this exhibit so there was a lot of people that came out!

Seriously, my pictures don’t really take in the experience.  Here’s a little video that I took.  I chose the shorter one to show you.  It took me at a slow walking pace of about 4 minutes to walk from the start to the end and went through a bit of the little paths also.  This one is just about 2 minutes long, you can hear the music and see the concept of the changing lights.  The nicest part is the last 30 seconds when the lights actually did some really nice effects 🙂

Check it out!

I think the kids had the most fun in this.  They were running around and totally grasping the concept of brushing against the stems and making sounds and all that.

These are events that I really love doing by myself and just taking in the beauty and its pretty inspiring to look at something so pretty!

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