Food, Friends and February Announcement!!!

*** February Announcement at the end so if you don’t want to read this, please scroll down to check it out ***

January was THE month of revelations. I learned that without electricity, I couldn’t do anything at work because everything was linked to the computer and the phone and when that was gone, there was nothing.  This week, it was one of the most busiest weeks of the entire year.  I figured you gathered that much since I had the most sporadic and spontaneous posting schedule.  It was pretty much when I could get in time to write a post and it was usually some funky impossible hours since I was working like a mad woman.

Let me tell you what happened first.  I’m getting ahead of myself.

This is a huge week before my Friday deadline and on Tuesday, my computer crashed because of a server problem, which froze my program and then I shut off the computer.  Then, it wouldn’t RESTART! *gasp* The positive in this was that it wasn’t totally dead and I was able to get on safe mode so I stuck my USB key in there and backed up all my essential files.  That, of course, took an hour out of my busy schedule.  However, for the rest of the week, I was still stuck with floating around the office using any unused computer in order to get my work done, bringing a ton of work home to do and getting to work 1.5 hours early to maximize on free computers.  Another good part is that my boss will get me a new computer just it’ll take time so I probably will have to be stuck in this situation for the next week as well….

Crazy month, eh?

In between, I managed to get some shots for Chinese New Year which is a big deal for me which I posted up on Friday. And I took a little obscure selfie.


Its a pretty cool shot and possibly the best selfie I’ve had with my DSLR in ages.  LOL!

Anyways, it was Chinese New Year on Friday and I did celebrate with friends and then had brunch with my girl friends.  So how about food?

Chinese New Year dinner with two of my friends was at our favorite joint, Mrs. Amigos.  My meal came with a soup but because we went at a later time, it ran out and I couldn’t have clam chowder so they gave me some salmon rolls to make up for it 🙂 And there was some Chinese desserts.

Mrs. Amigos

Garlic Shrimps with Rice and Salad

Salmon rolls

Salmon rolls

Mrs. Amigos

Sesame balls

Mrs. Amigos

Red Bean Sweet Soup 🙂

Delicious, right? I was so full at the end of the night!

I really looked forward to brunch with my girl friends because they are always just so fun to be around. We went to Breakfast Club in a close by mall. The food was good but the service, not so much.

We walked around and shopped.  I got some little decor stuff for my new house at the closing sale for a nice store, a little thing to make patterns for pancakes and blu-ray of Doubt at $5 (which is a pretty good deal). All that cost me less than $50.  Pretty good stuff, I’d say.  🙂

OH! I tweeted about it on Friday but while I was taking out some time to relax after work and before meeting my friends for dinner, I went to the exhibit I’ve been meaning to go to for the past month called Entre Les Rangs which is pretty much this:

A full post with video will go up on Monday about that 🙂 Its a really awesome experience.  Last year they had the Iceberg exhibit which I posted about HERE.  I have videos of that one.  I think its in Europe this year and that one was so amazing! This one was really fun and so beautiful, relaxing….I had a lovely time!

Before we get to February announcement, for Chinese New Year, I made a Baked Chinese New Year Cake! I posted about it HERE last year 🙂 Here’s what it looked like this time!

Baked Chinese New Year Cake

Baked Chinese New Year Cake

This stuff is addictive 🙂 I don’t make it quite as good as my mom but its a little bit of Chinese New Year at my place!

OKAY OKAY! Moving onto the February announcement! 

You probably figured it out already but Valentine’s movie marathons starts on Monday! I already know what movie to watch and have it all compiled.  The main feature this year was a marathon I had wanted to do last year.  I kind of dread the last few movies but I figured if I don’t do this, I will never watch those movies that I’ve bought.  Did you guess what it was? Actually, I have to extend my thanks to Jonathan at Mind Connections for giving me this idea last year.  By the way, you need to check out his very inspiring site.  I had the pleasure to meet him last year and he is an amazing guy.

What is this main feature, right? I’m sidetracking a lot.  I had a bit to drink so excuse my scattered thoughts 😉

 The main feature is Nicholas Sparks marathon!

I really own all the movies except for Safe Haven and I’m looking for a cheap version of that.  I’m not totally willing to dish out $10 for that one.  This is going to be a really depressing Valentine’s marathon BUT, rest assured, I have stuck some really awesome movies in between to balance it off 🙂 I’m so excited for this to start (since this is pretty much all I do to celebrate Valentine’s). Seeing as its only 14 days, well, if I’m lucky, I’ll manage a good 10-12 movies in.  

And if you’d like to get some ideas for more Valentine’s movies, feel free to check out last year’s marathon selections HERE! I did a good bunch of reviews last year.

Aside from that, I’ll try to get some baking done as well 🙂 Whats Valentine’s without sweets? Any suggestions?

Thats what February looks like!  

What do you think? What movies do you like to watch/eat for Valentine’s Day? 🙂


11 thoughts on “Food, Friends and February Announcement!!!

  1. Looking at your page just made my stomach growl. Those salmon rolls look mouth watering. I would leave a longer comment and all, but due to those pictures, I think it is time to run downstairs and devour my fridge.


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