Week 45&46: Adding Life to My Days

Last week I decided to not post the workout since I had already overloaded you with my whole blogversary posts 🙂

This past two  weeks have gone by like a whirlwind.  Not only was there a lot of stress and crazy that was slowly tapering off, I felt like I had a million obligations but I needed to just have a heart to heart with my body to get my shit together (excuse my language) and stop thinking about falling asleep too early.  The worst time to go through my so-called breakdown phase but you know what, when that happens, there is no stopping it. At least the past week, I held off sleeping and did get some stuff done.

Despite that, I kept up with my Abs and Squat Challenge and as this goes up, I will be on Day 25.

Once in a while I love doing these 10 minute Class FitSugar.  Everyone can afford to give 10 minutes to just breath and sweat out some stress.  This week is one of those ones.  So I wanted to do this to just give myself an energy boost. This one is a 10 minutes to tone and tighten your body. Here’s the video for it!

Class FitSugar always gives me a tough 10 minutes and it makes me feel so awesome because after I’m done this, I overcame a huge challenge.  I pushed through all the burning muscles! Love it!

I had thought about doing something for the weekend but Saturday made me go all over the place and I came home and just sat down and thought about doing something but didn’t.  Started Sunday morning off with a mini one doing one round of Tone it Up’s new workout (should have been three) called Love your Abs and Arms Workout.


I will get a full workout for this soon enough.

Sometime in the following week, I tried out a thigh workout by PopSugar Fitness! I rarely do anything just focusing on legs but it was a 6 minute to just get my heart going and it was pretty tough! Here it is:

This one really kicked my butt. It shows how much I need to work on my legs.  Its one of the reasons I have collected a few running programs to work into becoming a runner when spring/summer arrives 🙂

Next up, its my guilt thing on Saturday. Its also destressing as hell. Its this 40 minutes Fully Body workout that I’ve been trying to get in since forever.  Again, its another PopSugar Fitness workout.  Its full with a warm-up, cardio, core, strength training and stretching.  Its pretty awesome!

It taught me a lot of cardio moves to do at home.  It was challenging even though it was beginner.  I’ve been low on energy so these times, I like to go back to build on my foundation, make sure I keep my posture right and all that.  It was really fun 🙂 I kept wanting to give up but I’m happy I didn’t because it felt great!

Finally, we reach tonight.  Yeah, my track record up there isn’t too impressive for the last two weeks.  But I had to fit one more in even if I didn’t really want to.  I was going to do a tougher one but I figured since energy level is still a bit low, I might as well take another one that I’ve been avoiding: Tone it Up Love Your Booty Workout.  Yup, working those glutes.  I hate working those…so here’s what it looks like.

love your booty

I did 2 rounds of this! My favorite has to be the Fall in Love which is pretty much Single Leg Deadlifts. The one I couldn’t do really well was the Body Surfing…My lower body really needs some slimming down.  Still, this one only looks easy.  I was sweating like crazy even after 2 rounds, I can’t imagine doing another round.  It felt good though 🙂

I’m back on track now.  I have slightly more time next week so I’ll be back on track and I’ll work out some form of schedule hopefully.  These days it been total spontaneity with the help of Tone it Up newsletters, Tribesports and Pinterest.

Still, working out feels so good.  As much as its hard to pick up my ass to do it some days, after everyone I feel so energized.  Thats one of the reasons I love it! This captures it perfectly! 🙂

add life to my days

So true! At least now, I have another goal and thats to work hard to make sure that I tone up so that I can look good at my friend’s wedding.  Well, I’m aiming to look decent, haha!

As always, if you know any blogs or websites with awesome workouts, tell me about it! 🙂 Or maybe you own one of those, I’d love to try some new stuff 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! 

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