Exhibit: Le Salon du Mariage Chic!

I guess you could call a bridal show an exhibit, right?

I may not be getting married but I am the maid of honour for one of my very good friends.  We’ve been friends for pretty much 20 years now.  Talk about a long friendship, right? Sure, when she went off to university in another town and then did her master’s also out of province, we distanced for a little bit.  In the last few years, we’ve really bonded again as good friends and she’s my cat’s godmother. I didn’t know that existed but she volunteered.

She asked me to go with her and her fiance to the Salon du Mariage CHIC.  I’m not going to do the big banquet wedding but I do love to look at this stuff: centerpieces, catering, wine, jewelry and of course, wedding dresses.

Salon du mariage chic

There was two fashion shows set and due to lunch, we missed the 12:30pm one so we went for the afternoon one at 3:30pm.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the decor but I really liked this one.

Salon du mariage chic

Centerpiece exhibits

Right before the show started at around 3, a percussionist performed to some fast beats to liven up the mood 🙂

Salon du mariage chic

He was pretty good.  I like this sort of percussion music.  Rhythmic and fun!

After a little bit afterwards, the fashion show starts.  I only took pictures of the dresses I liked, there was a lot more! Oh, and yes there were suits also.  Grooms do need their suits 😉

Aren’t the dresses lovely? I’m not a huge fan of mermaid dresses so I didn’t take any of those.  These are very beautiful.  The company most of these dresses are from is White Montreal (if I remember correctly). That place makes beautiful dresses.

There was also one more that I didn’t match with the gallery so I put it aside of this suit and well, this model.

salon du mariage chic

This guy has the most charming smile.  I couldn’t catch a good shot of it and well, he looks fantastic in that suit also 🙂

I’ve never been to a fashion show before so I found this end of the show thing where all the models walk out in a line and face the audience was pretty grand.

salon du mariage chic

Fashion shows are pretty fun and wedding ones are even more awesome.  I love big dresses and elegant clothes and all those things.

It was a fantastic experience! 🙂

Have you ever been to a bridal show or a fashion show? How was it? Did you like it?

6 thoughts on “Exhibit: Le Salon du Mariage Chic!

  1. That looks fun and fantasy. I’m not sure I’m “into” weddings this big, but going to the show looks like lots of fun. Thanks for the fabulous pics! Think I’ll send my brother’s fiancee over to your blog! 😉 She’s still looking for a dreamy dress for next October.


    • I think it all depends on your style. My friend’s wedding is supposed to be 200 people! Thats huge. Its been 10 years I was part of such a huge wedding and that one was for my cousin.
      Sure, tell her to look at the dresses. Maybe it’ll inspire her 😉


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