Last Minute Baking Improvisation: Fruit Tarts

For my blogging birthday this weekend, I did some last minute baking.

This little fruit tarts that I put together and tried very hard to make look nice.

Fruit Tarts

Assorted Fruit Tarts 🙂

I learned that arranging fruits, especially sliced apples into tart shells are really hard. I tried my best and used a load of patience to do it. 🙂

I really don’t know how to say what I did since most of it was improvisation.  The apples are the only ones which were partially using a recipe.

Here is the link to that recipe which I used to spice the apples:

Apple Tarts

Apple Tarts with a bit of cranberry jam

I tried to make the apples look nice but they weren’t exactly behaving.  I think I probably need to slice them a tad thinner.  Out of all three, this one tasted the best 🙂 I’m going to figure out how to arrange it one of these days.

Next up, the easiest was the jam one because its just scoop the jam into the shells.  I used the little bit of Cranberry Jam I had left from THIS!

Cranberry Jam Tarts

Cranberry Jam Tarts


If you are using something not as chunky real fruit jam and more liquid, you need to be careful to not scoop it too full or it might overflow.  Just a quick reminder for that 🙂

After that, we have strawberry tarts. For some of them, I added little pieces of apple in the center.

Strawberry Tarts

Strawberry Tarts

Oh goodness, it is definitely not the season for strawberries so they were crazy sour.  At least fresh out of the oven they were because for each of these, I had sprinkled some sugar on it just to help sweeten it a little, so the next morning, it all tasted pretty good.  Other than the sugar on top, I did nothing extra with the strawberries either.

Simple enough, right? You can pretty much use any fruits or any type of jam as long as it works with your liking.  Go ahead and do mixed fruits if you’d like 😉 I’d definitely tackle that one when I have a bit more time to sit around and finely slice fruits and decorate tart shells.

I’ve been falling behind with this baking thing but promise, once this week is over, I’ll have a bit more time and not writing up blog at odd hours.

Back on the topic: What are your favorite fruits? What types of tarts do you like? What fresh fruit combinations do you usually like on your desserts?

6 thoughts on “Last Minute Baking Improvisation: Fruit Tarts

  1. Those look yummy, all your critiquing notwithstanding. I’ll still take the ginger doodles, but those look yummy all the same. 🙂

    My favorite fruit? Mango. My favorite fruit dessert? Blueberries and raspberries with whipped cream.


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