A Word A Week Challenge: Waiting

I almost thought that I would have to skip this week’s challenge, mostly because I’ve been trying to not reuse too many of old pics and always have one new one.

Sunday’s little eye-opener going to my first bridal show offered me a good photo opportunities. Of course, I didn’t bring my DSLR so I only had my Samsung Galaxy S3.

After doing a few rounds of the show, taking a few cards and settling the bridesmaids dress problems with the bride’s online dress making company, we finally decided to sit down and wait for the fashion show.

Needless to say, the seats started filling up also as the time approached, more people were waiting anxiously to see the show.

Salon du mariage chic

salon de mariage chic

Yeah, its pretty much the same picture because thats the angle I have.  I just thought the different lighting looked pretty cool 🙂

I’ll do a post on this bridal show sometime this week.  I just seem to have a lot piled up so need to find an appropriate schedule to fit everything in.

What does WAITING make you think of?

This is the entry to A Word A Week Challenge from A Word in Your Ear.  You can see more entries and/or join in HERE!

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