How about a game of TUG OF WAR?


I really think you all might like this fun game, especially you fellow movie bloggers.  The topic is trending in the last few years and the upcoming releases and all that stuff. has something to do with superheroes.

Back in February last year, DJ Matticus hosted the very first TUG OF WAR. He offered up the idea on my Tag posts and I loved the idea and we proceeded to asked the very awesome and creative Rara to help make it all work out.  Thats the joy of blogging, right? Making friends, having fun and thinking up new ideas.  I don’t think I did much other than support the idea but he did include me in setting up the first one.

It is with great joy that I help announce THE RETURN OF THE OFFICIAL MATTICUS KINGDOM TUG OF WAR!

Probably not so cute ;)

Probably not so cute 😉

Some of you may already know what it is but for the others with questions like: What is that? How do you play tug of war in the blogosphere? This is what goes down: DJ Matticus asks a question and we, anyone interested, will talk it out (kind of).  Post something and pull as hard as you can to convince everyone the side that you support.  Tug, tug, tug with all your strength!!!

Visit the following link to check out all the details and the question for the Tug of War:

I urge you all to check it out! It’ll be fun and you want to fight for your side.

Go along and tug as hard as you can! Play along and have lots of fun! 🙂

P.S. I’ll be putting out my choice soon…I look forward to checking out your responses 🙂 Remember to check out Rara’s blog also! I put the link up there.

6 thoughts on “How about a game of TUG OF WAR?

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