Now You See Me (2013)

The post for yesterday didn’t really happen but I did manage to squeeze in a movie on my down time and I felt like I needed a little magic in my life so I put in a movie I’ve been wanting to see since it hit the big screen but missed because lets just say, I was the only one that was enthusiastic about it.  Despite the pretty much average reviews, I still have rather high hopes for this one. Lets do it! Back on track with catching up on 2013 flicks 🙂

now you see me posterDirector: Louis Leterrier

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Melanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine

Four solo magicians (Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Wood Harrelson, Dave Franco) come together to form the Four Horsemen. In their first act in Las Vegas, they attempt to rob a bank and give back to the audience.  This alerts the FBI and the case is handed to  Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) who is forced to team up with Interpol agent, Alma Dary (Melanie Laurent) to try and catch them.  Meanwhile, they seem to always be a step ahead.

Now You See Me is a crime/mystery thriller.  Let me first talk about why this movie drew me in.  First of all, its about magic.  I like that stuff.  I’m one of those really easily tricked people and I can never replicate or figure out how any trick is done so I’m the optimal target audience for this because I’ll just lick it right up and not really think but enjoy the show.  Second, notice the cast up there.  Its full of actors and actresses I like (if not, love).  I’ll elaborate on that point a bit later. Last, its essentially a heist flick, a thriller and a mystery, all of the above is one of my favorite genres.


Now You See Me is very much like watching a magic show.  Everything is flashy and there’s plenty of action.  The first two acts were fun and impeccable to watch on screen.  The effects were not so 2013 but more 2003 but thats okay, I’m not very nitpicky about that sort of thing. Its really just something I noticed.  The action was great and for the most part, I was pretty drawn into the movie.  The only deal was that there was something missing to pull me in completely because right near the finale, I pressed pause and was about to shower and then I noticed I had 15 minutes so I sat back down and continued on.  Usually, I don’t want to leave my chair at the end.  So I acknowledge something wasn’t there, I just can’t pinpoint what. Maybe its the connection to any of the characters…I need to think that one through again.

now you see me dylan alma

With that point we head into the characters.  Other than Dave Franco being a new face (which I’ve only seen before in 21 Jump Street) in The Four Horsemen, I really like the other three.  Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson worked fantastic in Zombieland so I was hopeful about their performance here and it didn’t disappoint.  I love Isla Fisher because she is quite good in a lot of the roles. Dave Franco was pretty good too and well, he has charm and style.  The Four Horsemen meshed well together and that carried a good part of the movie to a good level for me.  And then we come to our opposite party, Melanie Laurent and Mark Ruffalo.  I’ve only seen these two previously separately in one other movie before this one, I was alright with them in this.  I can’t help but feel like it could have been better, but I’m no expert at this so its just a feeling I’m getting. Finally, we have two of my favorite actors: Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.  They may have very small roles but I pretty much have admitted that Michael Caine doesn’t have to do much and he can be totally awesome, the same goes for Morgan Freeman 🙂 Great actors can portray what they want to convey in their facial expressions and these two do it so well.

now you see me morgan freeman and michael caine

Now You See Me is really a movie that resembles watching a magic show. You either buy it or you don’t.  For me, my fascination for magic probably made me like this movie a lot more than the majority of viewers.  The cast and their chemistry with each other brings the movie to a more enjoyable level as well.  There are some part of the plot that seems to fall flat, especially nearing the end when it becomes a bit more predictable in some parts where I did guess it but it could have gone both ways.  After these are magicians, so you never know if what happens is what they planned or not.

There is no doubt in my mind that I believe this is a good movie.  I would gladly watch it again, maybe not in abundance but its one that I bought their acts and I had fun and was entertained.  Thats what matters in the end, right?

Have you seen Now You See Me? What do you think about it?


22 thoughts on “Now You See Me (2013)

  1. I have not seen this yet, but it looked really interesting through the trailers and blurbs advertised through Comcast On Demand. I like mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freemen and am warming up to Jesse Eisenberg.


  2. I agree that this is somewhat entertaining. I also agree that something’s missing. The characters are not well developed, the final plot twist is ham-fisted and borderline silly, and most of the magic is so fantastical as to be impossible without the aid of CGI.

    Which I guess means I don’t like it as much as you. 🙂


    • Thats alright. It is a flawed movie but you know, I bought into it. Could be the cold meds talking though…haha! I’ll watch it when I’m not on meds and maybe I’ll see a whole lot more issues, but its an entertaining movie still, I believe. 🙂


  3. There was so much potential for this movie and then it just kind of… fizzled out. I wish i hadn’t spent money to see this on the big screen. I felt a little ripped off.


    • You know, I think I’d have felt the same way if I did see this on the big screen. Usually if I have to dish out money to see at the theatres, I have higher expectations. Although, I don’t particularly regret seeing this either.


  4. Aw, another person who really liked it. This movie was one of the worst of last year in my opinion. Lazy storytelling, terrible twists, and I disagree with you on the chemistry aspect. Even Eisenberg and Harrellson who were great in Zombieland together can’t really do much together. It’s a shame.


    • I didn’t “really” like it. I enjoyed it but any of your reasons could be why I felt like something was missing.

      One of the worst? I don’t really have comparison since I usually try to avoid watching movies that don’t appeal to me…


  5. Good review Kim. Though the movie loved to think that it totally tricked us at the end, it only did so by being completely random and stupid. The sequel they’re making isn’t something I want to see, but then again, just might cause I’m a movie-goer, dammit!


    • The ending was underwhelming. I was actually surprised that they are making a sequel seeing as the reviews seemed so average and mixed. I believe I read more negative than positive. But then, seeing the director Louis Leterrier has made more movies I loathed than liked lowered my expectations also… 😉


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