Site Back to Normal!

After a day, well, evening/afternoon and the spare time I have when I wasn’t working, I managed to get this site pretty much re0rganized.

You won’t see much changes in terms of physical homepage layout as I didn’t change the theme. I rather like this one a lot.

However, there are few updates and changes in the menu to help me keep track of what I’ve done and also for you to better navigate through here.

Let’s check it out!

1) I have updated the AWARDS section (located under About Tranquil Dreams) and linked the awards to the blogs that were all kind enough to nominate me.  If you nominated me for an award in the past month, I promise you that post is going up soon.  I just really wanted to get this out of the way before moving onto the new year.

2) About Tranquil Dreams have been updated to the 2014 changes for future visitors to see and I cut it down a little so that its not so wordy.  I probably will go back and revise it again.

3) The biggest change is with the Movie section on the menu. There is now a drop down list for you to navigate Film Festival movie reviews.  Since I only went to two this year and only got in four movies due to time and health issues, I just linked it directly to the posts with categories.  When it accumulates (hopefully this year), I will do what I did for the other sections.

4) Other sections mentioned in the above point are Marathons: Valentine’s, Halloween Horror and Holidays.  I have it all listed in a page for each with the list of movies already reviewed.  I’m still trying to decide the best way to structure it so if you have ANY suggestions, feel free to help me out 🙂 I’d really appreciate it!

5) New section added: Recommendations from YOU! I think that says it all.  Its essentially for Recommendation month.  I used the recap post for last year’s August since that one pretty much answers it.  Maybe with more time, I’ll do the long way and not the shortcut 😉 Feel free to hop over to that section and offer me some recommendations.  It pretty much explains how everything goes down if you haven’t heard of it before.

Thats pretty much what I’ve been busy with for the past day or so.

Posts should go back to normal now and all the links should work.  However, this is only about 85% completed.  I’ll be working on finding another header since Christmas is over and also updating my sidebar to add in all the blogathons I participated in.

I’m still thinking about whether I should make a page for the movies I’ve reviewed to date, but then it begs the questions of whether to do it in alphabetical order or by year or just completely another way.

Then, there’s the choice of whether to make pages to help organize the other sections as well.  Maybe submenus in Everyday Randomness for personal, music and other posts.

My fellow friends, bloggers, visitors, please give me some suggestions if you have any.  Take a stroll around my blog, check out the changes in your free time and tell me if you’d suggest some other changes.  

I really would appreciate it so much 🙂

Now, things getting back normal means I need to go write tomorrow’s post.

do everything

Have a great evening! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Site Back to Normal!

  1. Awesome Kim! I LOVE the meaning of your blog name… I’m part Chinese but I don’t have a Chinese name. My middle name uses my late dad’s last name TAN though, it’s Tantri (tri for being the third child) 😀 As for your movie reviews, how about listing your recent ones on your sidebar? Just a suggestion.


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