Dhoom (2004) & Dhoom 2 (2006)

Seeing as Dhoom 3 has really taken on quick with a lot of reviews coming, I intend to pull myself in to the farther away theatre to catch it (after the deep freeze temperature leaves Montreal).  Plus, I recently found that Netflix has Dhoom and Dhoom 2 but will expire (or may have expired once this goes up).  So why not give it a viewing, right? So here’s the review of my night of Dhoom 🙂

DHOOM (2004)

dhoom poster

Director: Sanjay Gadhvi

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, John Abraham, Esha Deol, Rimi Sen

Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) is newly transferred to Mumbai Police and takes over the case of various heists that have occurred in Mumbai involving a gang of motorcyclists that steal and then leave without being seen.  Employing the help of a talented motorcyclist and mechanic Ali (Uday Chopra), they try to track down the group of thieves and stop them before they complete their next heist.

dhoom ali jai

How to describe Dhoom? Hmm…You know what this reminds me of: a buddy cop action comedy flick mixed with a bit of the later Fast and Furious concept but with motorcycles.  Seeing as I went into this completely blind, like I didn’t know the story much and I didn’t know any of the actors as I’m still new to the Bollywood world, this one definitely started in weird for a good half of it.  I wasn’t really sure if I liked Jai as the serious cop, who started with this very not so serious beginning sequence and for the most part, I wanted to punch Ali because it was really annoying. BUT, after exactly a half (one hour into the movie), it took a quick turn and actually ended in a pretty good way.   The second half after everyone was introduced and settled, the bad guy was in place and we’ve had a lot of random singing and dancing, the action came in and it turned rather gripping and fun to watch.  What pushed it forward was the chemistry between Jai Dixit and the head of the leader, Kabir (played by John Abraham).  Trust me, I’m not spoiling anything because the audience sees both sides pretty clearly but it still manages to keep it pretty intriguing to watch 🙂

Definitely a good start to the series.  I can see why a second one would be made 🙂

DHOOM: 2 (2006)

dhoom 2 poster

Director: Sanjay Gadhvi

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu

Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) is now partners with Ali (Uday Chopra) as they work together to solve crimes.  However, when Jai’s old college friend Sonali (Bipasha Basu) asking for help in finding and arresting an international heist mastermind who calls himself by Mr. A (Hrithik Roshan). No one has ever seen his face and he never leaves any clues, however, with the help of Jai’s intelligence and another thief, Sunehri (Aishwarya Rai), they are able to track him and follow him to Rio de Janeiro where Mr. A is expected to complete his next heist.

dhoom 2 aryan

Apparently, IMDB and RT disagree with me but I found that Dhoom 2 is better than the first one.  I’ll tell you why.  For one, we start off with a very much  more intense beginning sequence.  Second, our villain is awesome, smart, witty and oh so very hot.  Eye candy helps, ok? Next, the chemistry between Jai and Ali is better where I don’t want to punch Ali as much anymore and he actually does have some funny moments.  But not only that, Jai and Mr. A’s chemistry playing the cat and mouse is fabulous as well and finally, the love story in this is just awesome.  It adds a little something extra to the mix and makes Mr. A turn a little more human.  Plus, the action sequences in this one are way better than the previous one.  You still have a few fighting little bits that don’t quite make sense in my mind but I can ignore it because this movie is like Fast and Furious, it aims to entertain the audience and it does a really good job at it.

And I guarantee you after watching Dhoom series for a total of over 4 hours means this song is stuck in my head.

I kind of like it 🙂 Along with a whole bunch of pretty high energy songs and some pretty cool dance moves. I guess this is the extra point of why I like it also.

Seeing as you don’t really need to watch the first to watch the second and still pretty much understand, I’d definitely recommend the second one more than the first.  But, its like I said, they both have their redeeming traits that I’d still recommend both.  It was fun and I really can’t wait for Dhoom 3. I already have a girls night set with my best friend to go see it, even if it means a somewhat later showing on a week night, but so far, Dhoom series hasn’t disappointed me and the next one has Aamir Khan and I love the man.  I’m excited 🙂

Have you seen the Dhoom movies? How about the 3rd one? What did you think about it?

24 thoughts on “Dhoom (2004) & Dhoom 2 (2006)

  1. Okay.. you are tranquil dreams right? You watch Bollywood movies?? (And you are brave enough to Watch Dhoom!) I saw Dhoom one and 2.. not a huge fan.. but the muscles make it worth watching 😉


  2. Great reviews! Dhoom is a great action, comedy film with both the 1st and 2nd films having a powerful protagonist as the main lead. Hrithik roshan definitely deserves credit for the Dhoom 2, where the heists are pretty intense and nicely played out. Dhoom 3 takes a slightly different curve, where the base narrative changes. Though this isn’t a bad thing, it just plays with our expectations. There is a huge suspense in Dhoom 3, but the heists are not as inventive (nor shown). Yet I have to admit that Amir Khan’s acting in the 3rd Film is outstanding, still worth a watch.


    • Thanks Meera! 🙂

      I’m definitely going to see it for Amir Khan. So far he’s been 2 out of 2. Ghajini’s lack of awesomeness was not because of him and rather the length and partially set up of the movie.

      Muscles and handsomeness aside, I really do like Hrithik Roshan. He was a good villain. The dude that plays Jai Dixit is pretty good too. Any movies you’d recommend from these two actors?


      • Amir Khan’s performance in Dhoom 3 is definitely worth a watch, very believable and to be honest has kept that film up in the charts.

        Hrithik Roshan, similar to Dhoom also started off another set of Films similar, followed in the order of Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish, Krrish 3. The first film is by far the best, where again his acting and may I add his versatility through his acting skills are profoundly evident. The film is slightly similar to ET, however the main protagonist and family background differs. It’s definitely worth a watch, a great laughter but also an emotional ride.

        I would also definitely recommend the film ‘Like Stars on Earth’ / with the Hindi title of Tare Zameen Par – A beautiful film and powerful tale. Not only does Amir Khan strike again, but the younger actor is brilliant.

        Jai Dixit is played by Abhishek Bachan (Amitabh Bachan’s son) whom again is a great actor. If you want a laugh then you should definitely watch Dostana also featuring John Abraham.

        Im eager to tell you so many great titles, however I don’t want to bombard you with a long list! I’ll definitely be back round to tell you more!! 😀


      • Thats awesome! I’m rounding up movies for recommendation month, hopefully getting it a bit more organized for March so I’ll look for those movies and see if Netflix happens to have it 🙂 If you ever feel like you’re bombarding comments, well, you can bombard my email with a list of Bollywood flicks 🙂 Thanks!


      • Thats great! Well i’ll keep that in mind. In fact ill make a list with all my fav Bollywood films which are definitely worth watching! 🙂


  3. Never seen Dhoom, in fact, I only heard about it for the first time the other day! I’ll have to pick it up and give it a try, looks fun. And muscley. ;D


  4. Unlike Dhoom 1 and 2 ,Dhoom 3 is a dud .it has created lot of hype, but it was a flop .I hope you would like this movie named – zindagi milegi na dobara(2011 ).one of the leads has hrithik roshan the guy who played negative role in dhoom 2.


    • Seriously? Dhoom 3 has Aamir Khan and that guy is usually taking up some good projects. I have that Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara on Netflix except I haven’t gotten around to seeing it. I’ll check it out soon 🙂


      • Ya action scenes are better than dhoom 1 and dhoom 2 but overall movie is a flop its dragging good storyline bad execution could have been better .Zindagi milegi na dobora,dil chahta hai and rang de basanti are must watch and if you like gangster movies gangs of wasseypur I and II is a must watch.


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