Daily Prompt: A Brand New You, Effective Now ;)

Daily promptTomorrow is the first day of a brand new year. (No, its not anymore…) Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? You can choose to by anyone, alive today or someone gone long ago. If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us METAMORPHOSIS.

Obviously, I’m a bit late to the game.  This was a December 31st prompt but I’ve been putting something like this together for the past week. Now that my New Year personal and blogging goals are up HERE and HERE (if you missed them), I figured its time to (1) get back on the daily prompt writing world and (2) look a bit deeper inside myself.

First off, I’m choosing to stay being me, Kim : 27, *not so proud* Montrealer (because of 2013’s shenanigans),  recent Candy Crush addict, obsessive versatile blogger and well, the dreamer on Tranquil Dreams, and how can I forget, the aspiring bakery owner/home business owner 🙂

Sounds like me? But this year, A BRAND NEW ME..hmm! Honestly, its taken me a good many years but I’ve learned to really enjoy who I am.  If its anything, the quest to stay positive and enjoy life and just improve who I am rules over everything else.

1) life goes on

For the most part, I’m a pretty simple person. I believe that happiness comes from being thankful for the little moments, being grateful for the little things.  Some days, its harder than others but you know what.  Finding that little something that makes me smile everyday is what I strive to look for and that make me focus on the positive: I’m lucky to be alive, to have a roof over my head, warm clothes and food to eat.  Forgiving is the easy part, not forgetting is also pretty much there, and then we hit the never regret, which gets hard because thats something I’m working on.

That last part actually brings me to the next little thing…

2) personal space

I’m the queen of giving second chances and hell, even third chances. You can probably do something that feels like you ripped my heart apart and I’d still give you a second chance.  I forgive and I believe in giving chances because I’ve gotten them from the people that love me.  But at the same time, thats one thing I need to work on.  Even if its for my boyfriend’s sake, since he’s the one that has to go putting my shattered pieces back together in the aftermath after I’ve bawled my eyes out.  Giving second chances to people in my life who deserve it and not be afraid to just let go of some others who maybe aren’t worth my time and energy anymore.  Its a hard choice but sometimes, maybe its the right thing and maybe, that quote up there makes sense. Some people just need to be left to take care and figure out their stuff before they are ready to actually be back into my life.

Before this gets all preachy and long, just one more quote…

3) beauty of a woman

The brand new me will love myself as a woman and not compare with physical appearances but feel confident in my own shell.  🙂 I get all judgey about who I am and how I look.  Doesn’t mean I’ll dress up in rags but just that I would appreciate my beauty for what I have.  I have to admit that the last year (and a few before that) has whipped a whole lot of self-confidence that I had built in the years before but I know that, with time, I’ll bring it back up.  I just need to dig deep and remind myself that I can appreciate my beauty but also that I’m worth more than I believe I’m worth.

Now that we’ve looked at seeing my true beauty and a few inner stuff, the new me also wants a few more extra things

4) My dreams to become a reality…I have a feeling you’ll know soon enough what tag that should be attached with.

For the longest time, that dream was my definition of success.  In the last few months, I feel a bit different about the whole concept of success, which leads to my final point for the brand new me…

5) look forward to tomorrow

This last point makes me a laugh a bit because the point of my blog was to share how I stayed positive and look forward to my tomorrows but slowly, I realized that I love making the people around me happy as well and in my mind, if you drop by Tranquil Dreams and you leave feeling a little happier, and feeling just a tad more positive than when you came especially on those bad days (because we all get them), as a lot of your blogs have done for me, I’d actually feel pretty happy with that. And thats the reason I stick in quotes all the time.

I have friends that follow their passions who make me feel that way also…described perfectly in this quote.

fall in love with passion

That fuels me: Passionate people. The brand new Kim strives to be someone who finds their passions and just goes after it.  Sure, it sound unrealistic and I have a lot of overcoming that barrier to work on but whats living life is we’re not chasing after our dreams.  I mean, you did enter into Tranquil Dreams…I’m all about dreaming 🙂 Maybe not so tranquil as imagined but still, I say its worth a shot, as crazy as that may sound.

This year, lets embrace a new me! 🙂 A more positive, less hard, more appreciative and in general, happier, mentally and physically healthier me.  I dig that idea!

Whats does a brand new you look like?


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Brand New You, Effective Now ;)

  1. Such a nice prompt! I like that you chose to stay yourself and appreciate yourself more. I may try this meme for myself, even if it is a little off from new years. Reflection is healthy for any day. 🙂


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