Potluck & New Year’s Celebrations!

My first personal post of 2014! This week was a lot about personal stuff from my personal goals to the blog goals and less of the actual content, still I felt like in between all the movie reviews, this post could be the easiest to write 🙂

Even after posting up my blogging goals and directions, I’ve still been thinking a lot about the content that should go up. There is no doubt that I love watching movies and reviewing/writing up on them.  I like it a lot but its a lot of work and sometimes, my brain really doesn’t want to, so thats one of the reasons for the many different sorts of personal posts that go up 🙂 Anyways, too much thinking for all sorts of stuff nowadays, my brain is going to explode soon.

*takes a deep breath*

2014 dreams

Okay, onward with how my New Year’s week went! 🙂

First thing is that I had some time with my girl friends and as always, its fun to see them.  We got together for a potluck evening and had a good chat and many fantastic laughs.

My fave champagne :) So delicious!

My fave champagne 🙂 So delicious!

Dinner with the girls

Dinner with the girls

my Gingerbread cookies for the dessert

my Gingerbread cookies for the dessert

If you’d like to find the recipe for Gingerbread recipes, you can get it right HERE! 🙂

After dinner, we admired one of my girl friend’s beautiful gigantic Christmas tree and her holiday decorations.



And also played a game of Life.

Game of Life

Game of Life

I actually won by $20,000 in terms of wealth at the end of the game with $1,330,000.  Now, if I actually had that amount in the bank, I’d be so happy.  All my dreams would have this nice head start, right? I was a doctor and earned $90,000 annual, had a husband, 2 children and decided that my crazy midlife crisis phase to host expensive galas and parties and whatnot whilst living in a log cabin.  LOL! My life doesn’t seem like it’ll resemble that much, but its a thought 😉

Oh, the game of Life gave us a lot of laughs that night.

Moving on, New Year’s Eve was a party but I have no pictures for that.  But we did celebrate earlier with dinner in advance since my boyfriend worked on New Year’s night.


There was some more of my mom’s lamb, some lobster, my winter squash and some veggies 🙂 Very delicious as always!

I also received my Nanowrimo 2013 winner T-shirt 🙂


Its not very clear but its like with those gaming pixel-y picture of a book 🙂 Very adorable!

Last night, I got back into my cooking and made my boyfriend’s fave: my version of Avocado Bacon Pasta! And my mom brought home some food that her friend made with barbecued duck with glutinous rice filling 🙂

Avocado Bacon Pasta

Avocado Bacon Pasta

Duck with Glutinous Rice filling

Duck with Glutinous Rice filling

Now, onto some faves this week!

I really liked this quote maybe because a few years back, I could reflect on it and I think about it all the time and remain thankful for my boyfriend and my best friends

someone who loves you

Deep stuff! I’m going through a lot of reflection this year and I think this is a positive way to think: being grateful for all the fantastic people that have stuck around and pulled me through. Like I said before, a lot of thinking going on in this mind of mine.

And how about some music to end it all off?

Now if you have an hour, I really liked this Tiesto podcast for Best of 2013!

If you’d like something shorter, here’s one I’ve really loved in the past 2 weeks, Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

And as much as I love the original, I really like this cover of Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.

And since thats slightly depressing, how about my greatest obsession this year: One Life by Boyce Avenue and their official music video for it.  I love it!

Have I pleased all your senses? What board games do you like to play? What songs have you been playing a lot?

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Potluck & New Year’s Celebrations!

  1. The mini santa hat on the Christmas tree is such a good idea!!! The star we have is so heavy it won’t actually stay on the tree…sooo…my sister tied it to the center stick (fake tree) with its own power wire :S ! My family thought that looked great but bf called it ghetto!

    Love the quote. Unfortunately hits so close to home! Yesterday I got moody and went off on my boyfriend publicly. Pretty embarassed by it now. It’s good of him to put up with these landmines once a month, ahhhhh…


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