Have a Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!! :)

That pretty much says it in the title, right?

Christmas is HERE! Are you happy? I know I am!

If there is a chance that you haven’t been into the mood, well, lets spice it up with a video of a 16 year old that sounds like Elvis Presley singing Blue Christmas from the very province of Quebec called David Thibault and he made it on The Ellen Show. Awesome stuff, right?

Isn’t that amazing?

How about some more Christmas decorations?

Notre Dame Church

Notre Dame Church

Notre Dame Church

Christmas Trees outside of the church


Downtown decorations

I had a fabulous (and very sober with 7up) Christmas Eve party with family and friends!

Christmas Tree :)

Christmas Tree 🙂

My handsome boyfriend focused on the conversation

My handsome boyfriend focused on the conversation

The meal...sorry that its almost finished

The meal…sorry that its almost finished

I took the picture a bit late because I was starving.  There was pasta salad, smoked meat, Quebec style meat pie (Tourtiere), Beef stew, Shrimps, Veggies, Ham or Tuna Sandwiches. Always so very delicious! 🙂

Santa dropped by with a ton of gifts for everyone ;)

Santa dropped by with a ton of gifts for everyone 😉

Thats our form of secret santa or gift exchange.  My boyfriend asked for an Ikea lamp as one of his choices.

My gift

My gift

My gift was from my boyfriend’s dad and he chose my choice of Reno Depot gift card with the value of $50. YAY!

Grandpa and granddaughter time! :)

Grandpa and granddaughter time! 🙂

I love capturing these moments 🙂 Thats what family time is all about!

The boys putting together a kid's gift

The boys putting together a kid’s gift

My boyfriend and a family friend was all focused on putting together or “helping” my boyfriend’s nephew put together his lego set. They were really focused.  So awesome!

My cat in her 2 minutes as a reindeer ;)

My cat in her 2 minutes as a reindeer 😉


My new dress for the party 🙂

With that, I have one more little thing that I put together just for all of you.  If it wasn’t for that, this would be up way before…so ENJOY! 🙂

So, this felt a bit depressing. I tried singing but I wasn’t too happy with it so I didn’t post it up and moved along and also recorded another video with 3 short songs that I love. It has some mistakes but please bear with me.  I’m still budgeting time to get piano covers in.  Work in progress, ok?

Hope you liked it!

Finally, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! All the best to you, your family, loved ones, etc!  Thank you for being here and always supportive for my little blog.  It means a lot to me and I’m ever so happy to have met  a lot of you on this.  Its been a fun year! 🙂 Have lots of fun!

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