Christmas Baking: Gingerdoodles

Who is huge on gingerbread cookies? How about Snickerdoodles? I, myself, are a huge fan of both so finding this recipe called Gingerdoodles and doing it was a no-brainer. How could this combination be wrong? It could only turn out to be epic and delicious 🙂

Gingerdoodle cookies

Fresh out of the oven!

The Gingerdoodle recipe I used can be found here:

I made a few modifications. First, I don’t have cream of tartar so I didn’t put any.  No substitute either, which makes me wonder all the time about what difference would it make. Do you know? Second, I don’t have ground cloves so I used allspice instead.  Its supposed to be able to substitute each other quite well.



The taste was pretty good, however, for me, since I don’t eat sweets a lot was verging on the sweet side. I’ll definitely do this again and I’ll put less sugar, probably granulated one.  The texture is wonderful though.  It has a gingerbread consistency with a stronger snickerdoodle taste with cinnamon and other spices.  Its pretty awesome. What I mean is that its chewy (like soft chocolate chip cookies), especially the day after.

Gingerdoodle cookie

I think I’ll be using this recipe more.  Snickerdoodles are fantastic but this combination is even better.  Although, I’m having a  crazy urge to make some gingerbread cookies since I have these ultra cute Christmas cutters, that I used last year HERE!

Of course, expect that this isn’t quite was easy since it has a lot more ingredients to do and mixing in different time, kneading the dough and then refrigerating it for an hour or two.  Its a lot more time consuming, but if you mixed with another recipe like I did, then it’ll work out great.  The wait time will feel really little.

What do you think of this combination? Genius? Crazy? Would you try it out?

Another recipe coming up in a few hours! 🙂 Drop by again if you aren’t busy with Christmas eve festivities.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 🙂

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