Week 40: Working out makes me feel…

Last week was so successful for Dietbet compared to this week.  By midweek, I knew that this was going down the drain and I needed to pull myself back up and keep better track of stuff.  Keep up with a diet is way hard but I’m sure I just need to get a hang of it. I do result to healthier snacks and eating habits and mind my portions more so thats already a good thing in my book. I’ve worked hard this week to compensate for the somewhat out of control eating days and snuck in only one rest day.


The first dragonboat practice on the previous Friday really beat me up so I went to Tone it Up for something a little more mild but still challenging to do.  That day’s goal was the Sleek and Slender Abs workout.  Its a mix of dumbbells and body weights which I love doing. I did the full 3 rounds.

I love this workout because it really works your abs and all areas of it.  The warm-up first move usually starts hurting more by the last round.  I’m not sure about other people but as challenge as Cat Crunches are, they are really awesome to do and it always makes me feel great.  Butterfly kicks my butt all the time because its so intense and I’m kind of proud that I am now strong enough to do cinches.  And plank kicks were extra training for my plank off at dragonboat practice so I appreciate it a lot 🙂

I ended with the Beach yoga workout.


This was my rest day because I went back to the Salon des metiers d’arts that I talked about HERE with my coworker. It was pretty much a leisurely walk for 2 hours or so.  By the time, I got home, there wasn’t much time to do much.


Seeing as I felt extremely guilty because My Fitness Pal was saying that I was eating more than I should intake, even if it was healthier options, I went crazy that night and did 30 minutes of cardio in the form of DDR and I mean, I put it at difficult and expert level which is really challenging for me and I broke out in a sweat real quick, heart rate went up, the whole deal.

After that as a warm-up, I picked up my dumbbells and did the Tribesports Arms & Shoulders with Dumbbells workout which you can find HERE. I used a 5lbs dumbbell(s) and it consisted of 30 reps of each of these exercises: Bicep Curls, Alternating Reverse Grip Curls, Front Raises, Flyes, Two Arm Kickback, Side Raises. Did I ever mention I have a weak upper body? Well, trust me, it was a relief to know that some of these were easier than I expected but was still pretty challenging overall.

Next, I wasn’t satisfied so I ended it with like a post workout body weight and did the Beginner Bodyweight Routine.

beginner bodyweight routine

I’m not exactly sure how you would feel if you were beginner but these are all great moves to initiate body weights.  It felt nice to do this.  It still worked out my body but let me tell you, I have some work to do for those V-Ups.  I felt like it was trying to murder my abs *glares at them*.  But I can hear my boyfriend telling me that the ones you hate are the ones you should do more because they are the ones which challenge your weakness.  Well, that one murdered me….


I’m working on bringing back the whole alternating between cardio and strength and body weights training.  Most days, it doesn’t work out, but seeing as Friday  meant practice again, I got in another 30 minutes of cardio with DDR at the same intensity as the night before.

BUT, I also started The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge! What?!?!? Yup, all ready and set for the Christmas holidays with this full body accumulator workout.

12 days of fitness

It looks easy but I’m pretty sure at day 12 on Christmas Eve I’m going to want to punch whoever made this. So I happily (and kind of shakily) did my 1 minute plank.  I did planks 2 days in a row already and I worked my abs on Monday so I think it makes sense. After that, I called it a day.


Last dragonboat practice before the holidays! Right when I was getting into the groove of things again.  We did a different drill this time working on building up our intensity as we paddle.  Then ended with some starts.  Between each drill set, we went out to do body weight and medicine ball exercises.  We did our plank off and I mistook my last week’s time which should’ve been 2:18.  This week, I did beat it and got to 2:30 before collapsing.  After that we did 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds of Jump Squats, Medicine Ball Cross Body Chops, Chest Passes, Good Mornings and crunches.

Oh, and I went home and added on the Day 2. I already did plank so forget about doing another minute of it at home since my abs were already screaming in pain.  I added in the 2 minute wall squat *eye twitches*. I loathe wall squats. I don’t just hate them, I loathe them.  Lets just say my legs were burning and I wanted to cry but still, I made it through. Did I say I wanted to punch whoever made it on day 12, forget that, that moment I already wanted to do it.


After a pretty intense Friday, I woke up and did my weigh-in.  Surprisingly, I lost a bit more weight and am at 133.7lbs.  Yes! The hard word and extra workouts did pay off a little.  Lost less than I planned for week 2 but its already pretty good. With that hype, I went and did my warm-up and cardio with DDR for about 40 minutes and then did Day 3 of the challenge: 1 minute plank, 2 minute wall squats (kill me please!) and 3 minutes (shaky) bridge. I made it through and now I can pig out at dinner! (It wasn’t intended but it did)…


With the backtracking on Saturday, Sunday rest day was out the window *sobs*. Although, my workout turned out to be an hour shovelling snow.  Trust me, it exerts a lot of energy.  After a little break, I did my 4th day of the challenge: 1 min plank, 2 min wall squat, 3 min bridge, and 4 burpees!

Overall, I managed to lose 0.8 lbs this week. Not as much as I expected but I’m more aware of the food I eat and I keep a good track of how much exercise I need and how to balance it. I’d say my plan to having a healthier lifestyle is on the right track 🙂

working out makes me feel

I decided to stop putting the meals since my breakfast usually consists now of oatmeal and whole wheat bread with jam or peanut butter. Lunch is always fried rice, Chinese noodles or dumplings with veggies and dinner is mostly steamed rice with veggie and meat platters.  As for snacks, I usually have energy or granola bars, fruits (apples, bananas, oranges) or rice cakes. I’m going to try to find assorted healthier alternatives but so far, its pretty good since everything is homemade and healthier options than the normal.

I’m getting addicted to working out again and its becoming a set part of my life along with eating healthy.  I’m still going to try my best! Its week 3 and I’m going to kick this Dietbet in the butt or at least give it my absolute best shot! 🙂

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