Dreamworks Holiday Classics (2011)

Its Friday and well, yesterday, my attention span was a bit short so I decided to watch the Dreamworks Holiday Classics with includes 4 short-ish animated flicks. I’m trying to keep a touch of Christmas everyday even if its not in the form of reviews and its crazy.  I’m happy that weekend is around the corner so I can plan this out a tad better. Dreamworks really are maximizing on the Shrek and Madagascar franchise. Anyways, lets check it out!

dreamworks holiday classics cover

1) Merry Madagascar

First feature is a Christmas feature based on Madasgascar. This one is about 50 minutes long and is the longest one out of the four, I believe.  The idea is that Santa has an accident and gets amnesia while in Madasgascar.  However, the four want to help him out to give out the gifts and use it as a way to get back home to New York.

merry madagascar

Honestly, I really loved the first Madagascar and then I can’t remember much of the last few.  How many are they at anyways? 3? Either way, I fell asleep watching the 3rd one last year on the plane if thats the last one.  I had zero expectations out of this one but hey, I had fun with it.  I thought it was a pretty good Christmas movie.  Its a nice family fun flick. It has some nice messages attached to it as as well.

2) Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury

Who doesn’t love How to Train a Dragon? I actually bought this last year, this Christmas feature I mean.  Of course, in Berk its called Snoggletog for the winter holiday instead of Christmas. We still have the mega cute Toothless and the very awesome Hiccup, plus the whole crew from the main feature that its based on.  This is a second viewing and I’m telling you, I think this franchise is great.  I loved it once more.  You can check out my review of it for last year’s Christmas marathon right HERE!


3) Donkey’s Christmas Shrekatacular

Our 3rd feature is very short, maybe 10-15 minutes I guess.  I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to this one since I’m not a huge Shrek fan. I liked the first one but never watched it again.  This one is full of Christmas carols, like two, Shrekified (if thats a word).

4) Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper

The last one is also based on Madagascar, but most specifically the very evil and slightly crazy penguins.  In this one, they are still at the zoo and one of them escape to try to find something to make the lonely polar bear happy on Christmas.  However, the penguin gets caught and his buddies launch a plan to try to help him escape.

a xmas caper

The penguins are pretty hilarious to watch.  They do have a nice over the top entertainment value and I think I appreciate it about this.  Its a simple and cute one.  I really don’t have much else to say about it.

Overall, Gift of the Night Fury is the best one but the Madagascar’s are pretty fun to watch as well.  Its a pretty good time.  I’d say that Dreamworks has some decent franchises, especially with How to Train the Dragon.  I seriously can’t wait for the sequel 🙂

What do you think about these Dreamworks franchises? Whats your fave?

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