Christmas Baking(?): Cranberry Jam!

Okay okay, its not exactly baking but I promise the coming weekend, I’ll get back on it and I’ll bake A LOT!  I have a few things bookmarked to do already.

But, this weekend, I promised my mom that I’d try my hand at making some cranberry jam.  It not exactly Christmas related but its red so still feels very festive 🙂

Plus, jam is relatively easy to make.  Just need to stand around while it boils in water and the mixture gets a bit more solid.

Cranberry Jam

Cooking Cranberry Jam

Here’s the instructions adapted from a recipe on the Martha Stewart site:

This was originally a Spicy Cranberry Jam, however, my mom and I aren’t much of “spicy” people so we took out the jalapeno and compensated with a little bit more sugar, something like 1/2 cup to 1 cup more sugar to make it not so sour.

I tasted it with some whole wheat bread and it was pretty good. The consistency is perfect, just like fruit  jam/jelly. Its more a jelly form.  It tastes sour but not so much that its hard to swallow.

Healthy choice for sure 🙂

What jams do you like to make?

8 thoughts on “Christmas Baking(?): Cranberry Jam!

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