Week 39: Reward with Nutrition!

Dietbet started on Monday and it was the first day to get into the groove of healthy eating and getting my workout routine back to par.  As much as I love challenges, even with two paired up, it didn’t really mean a very active lifestyle and was only suitable for busy periods when I couldn’t afford more than 10 minutes for workouts per day.

WEEK 1: DECEMBER 2-9, 2013


I didn’t change my eating habits too much but I watched my calories intake more.

BREAKFAST: White bread with peanut butter (I have to finish up the last few slices before getting a loaf of whole wheat)

LUNCH: Homemade rice with tofu and chicken

DINNER: Steamed rice with okra and chicken breasts with a fried egg

SNACK: Granola bar, apple, banana, crackers

As for workouts, I decided since Nicole at Pumps and Iron initiated this Dietbet I’d start with one of her kickass workouts and chose the 500-rep Kettlebell Workout!

It was pretty awesome! Very exhausting for some but a full body workout that did its job.  My legs were shaking at the end of it and my arms also.  I do need to probably invest in a 10 lb kettle bell eventually. It seems I didn’t feel like I got stronger but I did.  Last time I did this workout, I could only do part of it in 7lbs and then I had to give up bu this time, aside from 100 Russian Twists in 5 lbs, I did everything else in 7. Felt great! 🙂


BREAKFAST: same as Monday

LUNCH: same as Monday but with okra added in

DINNER:  Steamed rice with Chicken, Shitake mushrooms, Black wood ear with a little bit of steamed tilapia

SNACK: Granola Bar, Apple, Asian Pear, Banana

Workout consisted of 2 minute plank and 35 minutes of DDR/cardio 🙂


BREAKFAST: Quaker Real Medley Peach Almond Oatmeal

LUNCH: Fried Rice with chicken and veggies

DINNER: Same as Tuesday without tilapia but with a bit of fried egg and tomato

SNACK: Rice Cake, Asian Pear, Banana

Lighter workout to compensate  with a mix of yoga and strength training

The second workout is a short 10 minute strength training that you can find the vid and description HERE!

I’ve posted about the yoga routine before.  Its relaxing and gives a great stretch and even works a bit of body weights in.  I followed it up with a quick and efficient strength training without weights to give my muscles a little break from the past two days.


BREAKFAST: Instant Oatmeal Apples and Cinnamon

LUNCH: Fried Rice

DINNER: Steamed Rice, Salmon, Green beans with pork

SNACK: Rice Cake, Banana, Apples

Rest day


BREAKFAST: Instant Oatmeal Cinnamon and Spice

LUNCH: Fried Rice

DINNER: Steamed Rice, Salmon with tofu, Green beans with chicken

SNACK: Rice Cake, Granola Bar, Banana

1 hour indoor Dragonboat practice consisting of approx. 42 minutes of paddling and 15 minutes of calisthenics and medicine ball exercises


BREAKFAST: Whole Wheat Bread with peanut butter

LUNCH: Granola Bar

DINNER: Steamed Rice, Chicken Thighs made with THIS RECIPE,  Chinese Ribs with Taro with dessert of my mom’s Banana Walnut Cake

SNACK: Granola Bar, Cereal (without milk), Banana, Preserved Plums

Rest day but did do 3.5 hours of gift show walking around lugging gifts I had bought and did a morning walk of about 45 minutes.

Sunday (slight cheat day)

BREAKFAST: Homemade Banana-Walnut Cake with Banana

LUNCH: Hot Dogs with a bit of Fries

DINNER: Dinner out –> Mussels with Tomato, Garlic and White Wine Sauce and a side of fries (shared that with my boyfriend)

SNACK: Rice Cake, Banana

I finally managed to get in a workout at 9pm after a very exhausting weekend.  Still, with my cheat days, I never have one without a workout.  It makes me feel like I wasted all my previous efforts. So I chose this since I had bought myself a set of Resistance bands on Saturday.

However, because of all the muscle pain from Friday’s workouts, I went a bit gentle on myself.  I still went all out during the workout but I only did it two times although I probably should’ve done 3 but with work the next day, I needed to make sure I didn’t injure myself or anything.  I’ll just work harder the next day! 🙂

That wraps up my first week of Dietbet.  I’m currently weighed in on Sunday morning at 134.6 pounds –> 1.3 pounds lighter.  Just need to keep it up for another 3 weeks!

Seriously, right? I have to keep it up! Its worth it if it means staying healthy, feeling awesome and looking better than now 🙂


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