A Word A Week Challenge: Lines & High

I’m feeling really bad about missing a good few weeks of A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge so I figured I’d do this past week’s HIGH and the previous week’s LINES together 🙂 This week’s challenge went up before I managed to get a post together so in a few days, I’ll take care of that one as well.

We see LINES everywhere! It could be the your structure of your blinds, the indenture of the keys on your keyboard and it could be the line up at the cash or even a long line up of cars…because the bridge is under reparation because its about to collapse…

Line of cars miles from the highway....

Line of cars miles from the highway….

This is when I stand at the bus stop and sweat because I worry if one, my bus would be really late and two, when I’ll ever get to work :s ! No worry, I made it and relatively on time.  The line was pretty intense since its a good 5 long blocks and one overpass to the highway at least.  Thats just the line up to go on the overpass by the way…

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Next up, I’m scared of heights. Deathly scared of them but I’ve conquered it quite a bit. Example, I can go on ferris wheels and not cringe too much.  Cable cars are okay but I try to look forward and not down.  CN tower glass floors are still a no…the thought already scares me.  But I know people who are worse, say my boyfriend who has a fear of flying which he’s working on.  And I’ve heard of people who are scared of heights where bridges scare them.

Connected to LINES, height related to bridges if a good one to go on.  Bridge collapsing danger is the headlines for Montreal.  The bridge I cross every single day to go to work is in danger of collapsing and its now enforced with a super beam. Here’s some pictures of it this summer when the talks of a new bridge was underway but the issue of tolls have been prolonging it.  Now, they say it’ll be done 3 years earlier.  I laugh at that because nothing is done early, only later.  One of the many “lovely” things about living in the beautiful city of Montreal. So, I’ll continue hoping for the best and that I don’t take a bath in the St. Lawrence River any time soon. *cringe*

Champlain Bridge

our near collapsing Champlain Bridge

Lets look at how pretty it looks from afar from this summer. Now look at the other ones 🙂

Victoria Bridge

Victoria Bridge

Jacques Cartier Bridge

Jacques Cartier Bridge in the background

I love bridges.  I guess water doesn’t scare me or I just have faith in the bridges usually..unless its the cable bridges then yes, I get scared. Those pictures usually turn into a weird defensive stance and a constipated expression. I couldn’t find any of those so we’ll leave it at that. 

Being high up on a bridge does feel pretty awesome.  Being high up on anything usually doe s have this majestic feeling 🙂

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I already have ideas for this week’s so expect that soon-ish! 🙂

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