Welcome December: Announcements/Updates!

2013 is finally ending! I’m not sure if you felt it but this year was a rough one! I’m super happy that its ending because next year has only one way its going and thats up! Thanks to all of you, I’ve been able to stay positive and hold on tight! This blog has kept me breathing and motivated to push through everything! Plus, its been going really well.

Lets do a little recap on what happened these past few days, since I just did a quick update post a few days ago HERE!

Dinner at Casey's Restaurant & Bar

Dinner at Casey’s Restaurant & Bar

Friday evening was dinner with one of my good friends who will be going away soon to pursue his dream.  Its a bit sad to see friends go away but I’m also happy for him because he held on and didn’t give up for the so many years and finally he made it in, which is already a great start! I wish him the best of luck!

Ben & Florentine

Brunch at Ben & Florentine’s

Saturday morning was brunch with my girl friends and then some Christmas shopping.  It turned into a very awesome Christmas crafts shopping.  I have acquired most of the materials needed to do this year’s crafts for gifts and I’m extremely early so I can take my time to do a beautiful job at it 🙂 I’ll be posting that up when I’m done bit by bit. It was a fun day! 🙂

That somewhat wraps it up for the weekend activities! It does start with my updates and announcements!


Tribesports outfit & Dietbet weigh-in!

On Thursday night, I came home to a package from Tribesports with the Kickstarter goodies that I had backed a few months ago.  Mine included a Tribesports towel (not in the picture), short sleeves shirt and capris.  I’ve been obsessed with workout clothes and I’m telling you, these ones are super comfortable and looking at the design, I’m excited to start working out with them.  They have air out spots exactly where I sweat the most so that’ll be great. It’ll reduce the chance of rashes when I work out really intense. 🙂

On that note, last week, I joined my very first Dietbet that will be from December 2 (today) to December 29 hosted by Pumps & Iron to lose 4% of my body weight.  I’m not exactly sure if I can drop from my 136 to 130 but its my way to encourage myself to kick start an even healthier eating habits since I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately due to all the craziness in my life. I’ll update you later on in the month 🙂 Plus, the pot currently has over $9,000 so thats pretty impressive. Losing weight during the holidays will be a difficult task but I think that’ll strengthen the motivation to work out more and if I succeed, I know that I’ll be able to get through it all.

narnia poster

December is the month for Christmas marathon! Last year I used up most of my Christmas movies so this year, I’m focusing mostly on Netflix movies.  Some might turn out to be stupid but still, its the best I could come up with. I’ll put in a little twist with some that are just winter related or family focused.  I have a general list for it but I’m thinking maybe I’ll add in a little Narnia marathon 🙂

**As most of you probably already know by now, the unfortunate and tragic death of Paul Walker has postponed this marathon a bit because I feel extremely saddened by it that I want to watch a few movies of his that I never had gotten around to until now as a way to remember him. Expect that this week!**

gingerbread cookies

One of last year’s baking: Gingerbread cookies

Other than movies, Christmas is also the month I’m going to resume my baking.  Its been a while but with Dietbet also, I’m going to try to stick within delicious and healthy. I do know that there will be some that will go outside of it.  I’m looking at trying out making Christmas log and possibly cake pops.  Maybe, also some cookies and cupcakes as well since the boyfriend made a request for it 🙂 Is there something festive that you always eat for Christmas? I’d love some ideas!

Last year's outdoor exhibit ICEBERG

Last year’s outdoor exhibit ICEBERG

With Christmas in full swing,I’m going to scout out some Christmas decorations, lights and events around Montreal.  I’ll take my DSLR camera for a whirl as often as I can. Try to get back on track with the whole photography part!

I’ll try to up the variety of posts going up this month but still, there will be some changes!

Thats how I feel about my life and how I want to approach everything here! 🙂

As usual, its nearing the end of the year so I’ve come to reflect a bit on my blog. For one, I’m thinking if I should keep or remove certain sections.  I know for one that A Bite of China Project may have to go as I might cut out the cooking section and simply stick to baking.  I’m thinking about it but once the holiday comes in and I have some time off, I’m planning on fixing up some of the layout, menus and making it a bit more organized, especially subcategories for the movies section.

Here’s where I would love you all to help me out: What do you enjoy about my blog? Anything in particular you want to keep seeing?

I fully intend to keep movies, photography and baking going on as I have a few projects in mind.  However, once I hit the full 52 weeks of workouts, I’m not sure if I will continue putting on workout roundups.

How about book reviews? I was trying to think of projects to do for it.  I will keep reading but perhaps I might take that section out as a more leisurely sections with monthly shorter reviews instead of full posts dedicated to one book, unless its for independent authors and their releases.  Any projects you might want to suggest?

My mind will be on full time mode thinking about how to make certain changes for now, you should be expecting updates on some pages and a few subcategories gradually added in to clean up the overall blog and to help in better navigation.

Please share what you think. It’ll really help me decide on how to approach next year!

Before I leave, lets start the morning with some awesome music that I’ve been listening to this weekend! Kick start our Christmas/holiday/winter month in style!

And if you aren’t so much into Christmas yet, I’ve been totally loving this song performed on The Ellen Show by Travie McCoy and Jason Mraz called Rough Water!

Happy Monday! 🙂

Remember to leave me comments & suggestions! Thanks 🙂

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