Can I have a break now?

I’ve written and deleted and rewritten this post.  As some of you might have notice (if you didn’t, its ok also), I almost wanted to skip it but then I figured on December 1st will be my announcement and updates so I figured, I’d get it over with.

Just a warning: its something of a rant partially with a positive twist (hopefully) to help ease some meli-melo (whats that word in english? mishmash) of feelings.

So! I’ve been feeling things are getting out of hand and ridiculous especially in the health department.  Remember in the end of September I posted THIS? Ah, that fantastic 20 minutes as a one-eyed pirate….well, check this out!



Yup, thats right! I had to go to the ophthalmologist again and he had to make two incisions! I tell you, that needle doesn’t any less scary or painful. Plus the anaesthesia had pretty much gone at the second incision and every bit of it, I felt it!  It was quite the experience to not move while in pain.  Excuse my teary eyes in the picture, the anaesthesia was completely gone by the time I got home so every facial expression hurt like mad. So, lets skip the details on that, the diagnosis is that I need to see a dermatologist.  Luckily, they had an opening the Monday after.

My lovely antibiotics!

My lovely antibiotics!

My dermatologist was super detailed and prescribed me a whole month of antibiotics. More? I think I’ve been on all of them this year with my ear infection in the summer, then eye antibiotics for the eye thing and then now my skin.  So, I’m back to my whole bad skin problem that I thought I had left behind in college.  Now, I’m back on my face wash and a daily moisturiser.  After this month, I already have some topical gel to help.  All I can do now is laugh, right? It’ll get better…soon…just gotta be patient!

In the meantime, I’m heading into some huge changes in life or preparing for it.  So my mind and time is spread pretty thin between that (which I’ll talk about it when the time is right) and writing my novel.  I don’t know how I’ll crank out another 12,000 words but its going to happen for Saturday at midnight.  Somehow, word sprints aren’t all too effective. Plus, my story took a lot of unexpected turns and now its not really quite what I imagined it to be so we’re back to the spontaneous stage.  My characters are pretty flawed and yesterday, it just hit me how I should’ve approached it in a different way, so I’m doing the last bit in this new way.  The first part will be when I do an edit and more edit.  Goal now is to finish and move on, brush away the proofreader and critic in me.  Its moving along though…it’ll get there. Need to keep that confidence there!

As I wrote when I pinned this, so true but so hard to do!

As for the changes, when its done, I’m sure it’ll be great.  For now, its just a tad on the stressful side! I’ll be happy when December hits and things clear up.  Whats nice is that this slowing down on the blog recharged me a bit and I’ve figured a bit how I want this blog to go.  I’ll talk about that in my updates this weekend 🙂 I promise that I’ll ask for all of your opinions to help me out, so remember to check back for that!

You know how things always have a way of balancing itself, even just a little.  I believe in letting that little good thing make my day so here we go. I came home to a little surprise gift earlier last week..

Minion USB key!

Minion USB key!

And then there was one of the orchids blooming.  Its super beautiful…not exactly here because the plant is actually not feeling too well.  My mom is treating it.



Do you know the name of this orchid in English? I only know its name in Chinese.  Maybe one of you can help me out 🙂

I’m telling you right now that 2013 is kicking me in the @$$ big time and I’m hoping 2014 drops by soon and that it will be better? My positivity need a slight bit of recharge.  Especially with some not so great news coming from my family front.  I’ve been a frequent patient at clinics and a visitor of hospitals for loved ones.  Its at this point I go: COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK!

Then I get my little ball of comfort who has been cuddling with me a lot more


And then I remember this!

I think I managed to bring some positivity.  My go-to has been to pump up the music and just sing at the top of my lungs and then do my push-ups and crunches to pump up my energy.  Its a good strategy 🙂

I seriously love it when David at Lead. Learn. Live posts these because hey, you know what, that describes me.  I knew there was a word for it: melomanie 🙂

On that note, I’m going to leave you with some music that I’ve been listening to on repeat.  By the way, Hunter Hayes‘ I Want Crazy is still on repeat for me but this is just additional one!

Who doesn’t some The Fray? I know I do!

And just a little bonus as I was putting this up, my absolute fave, Hong Kong singer, composer, actor and young entrepreneur (my idol) Nicholas Tse came out with the music video fro his new song for a new movie in collaboration with 24 Herbs.  You might know 24 Herbs from their involvement in the soundtrack for the video game Sleeping Dogs.

Its a pretty meaningful song.  And the movie looks pretty outstanding as well. The chorus translates something like this:

How can you pretend that you are so great? I want to scream. Humans are arrogant to think they rule the earth, Trying to destroy it more every day. How can you pretend that you are so great? I going to stand up for it. Silence will cause the future to deteriorate. Keep your position, Love is the strongest!

That probably makes no sense but thats my best shot at the translation.  Its a bit hard to translate certain terms because they don’t exactly exist in English. If you want me to translate the rap, comment below and I’ll give that my best shot 🙂 Pretty much the message is to not be selfish, protect the planet and stop being ignorant of the disaster around us.

I promise a more relaxing post later today,k? I finished this sometime last night after a few hours of putting this together on and off between writing!

Fellow Wrimos, Keep it up! We can do it! 🙂

Hopefully this wasn’t too depressing. I tried to be positive. Remember, announcements and updates on Sunday 🙂

Happy Friday and stay positive! Stay healthy! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and if you go out for the Black Friday sales, best of luck to you in grabbing everything you need!

3 thoughts on “Can I have a break now?

  1. Happy Friday, Kim! Man, you’ve had it rough lately. I hope everything balances out. Well, you’re thinking positive, so that’s a good thing. Listen, if there’s anything you need, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

    BTW, the cat pic is awesome! 😉


    • Sorry about the late reply Jack! Happy Saturday! 🙂

      Staying positive is all I got when things are going like this, it can eventually only go up, right? You know what I need? The second Ranger Martin book 😉 That’ll take all my sorrows away. Hopefully thats something you plan on doing.


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