How Many Times Is It Already This Year? Here I Come Toronto! :)

I don’t even remember how many times its been, maybe its the 4th?

Either way, I’m off for the weekend to Toronto.  This time, the bunch is a peculiar one with one of my childhood friends and her fiancee and who is my buffer, you ask? My mom! Thats right! She has some business to take care of in Toronto and I haven’t had a trip with her this year so we’re going for a weekend trip away 🙂

A 5 to 6 hour drive with my mom will prove to be a very challenging task.  Lets hope she tucks the criticism in the back of her mind and let me do my thing: driving I mean.  Its been a while that I’ve left for Toronto in the evening so I’m hoping all will be a-ok!

I’m excited for what we have planned, at least the highlight event! I’ll be back with an update post some time this weekend.  If you are in the Toronto downtown area, I’d love to hang out (without my mom).  I am 27, haha! Maybe tell me the hot spots to go at night to experience some form of night life with my friends.  Drop me an email, tweet me, maybe a comment here, I’d love to hear it 🙂

As always, before any road trip, I leave you with some music! TGIF, right!

I’m totally seeing the awesomeness of Hunter Hayes!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

2 thoughts on “How Many Times Is It Already This Year? Here I Come Toronto! :)

  1. Yayyyyy Canada!!! Toronto welcomes you. Depending on what area you’re hanging out in, The Brunswick House down in the annex is always a fun place to grab a drink and dance. So is The Madison in that same area, Bloor/Spadina ish.


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