Gravity (2013)

YAY! I applaud myself (and my boyfriend) for FINALLY making it to the theatres and getting this review up after so many days. We had to make a choice between Gravity, Ender’s Game and Thor 2.  You already know which one won.  Hopefully, I will still catch the other two, because as much as I love outer space, I have been looking forward to those equally as much (if not more). Lets see what Gravity is all about (although I am slightly late to the party and pretty much everyone else has reviewed it)…

gravity posterDirector: Alfonso Cuaron

Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris

A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.-IMDB

I know I’m being lazy. I’m writing too much, my brain has stopped functioning on the level of writing reviews.  However, that description from IMDB pretty much covers the story of Gravity.  The medical engineer, Dr. Ryan Stone is played by Sandra Bullock and the astronaut, Matthew Kowalski is played by George Clooney.

Lets start by saying that I liked this movie a lot.

I’m sure all of you have heard already how amazing this movie is: visually stunning is one that is agreed by everyone.  There really isn’t anything that quite compares to the grand visuals in Gravity.  It is so captivating. The scene from outer space looking back at Earth, the whole motion, the debris flying.  Everything was out of the world. Just that was worth the ticket price.


Of course, any movie is not just carried by their visuals. I’ve been watching so many thrillers that it seems to be hard to get me engaged as easily.  However, its hard to not be with this one.  For one, its set in one of the most mysterious unknown so everything is really out of their control.  It kept me completely at the edge of my seat because of the intensity for one (if not because I had a dog bumping the back of my seat throughout the movie, thank his genius owners). The whole movie doesn’t really have many relaxing moments.  Its just constantly watching to see what the characters will do next, how they will react, what crazy thing will happen next.  The whole “zero gravity” really gives this movie that intense atmosphere. For those who have seen it, you know that last scene, my eyes were watering up from the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what would happen.

gravity debris

A plus for me has to be that I love Sandra Bullock.  She’s one of my favorite actresses EVER! My boyfriend doesn’t feel the same way about it but this movie changed his mind just a bit.  As usual, Sandra Bullock is awesome and I love her as Dr. Ryan Stone.  She grasps her role very well.  The nerves from being on her first mission, the intense feelings she has churning through her and the whole channeling the meaning of life and simply the importance of surviving: her character actually was quite complex.

gravity sandra bullock

I didn’t care too much about George Clooney but he was a character that brought some sort of calmness in the midst of tension and chaos. It was helpful that way.  What works for Gravity is that its not extremely long and it always keeps the action going.  Right when we think things are going to be okay, it comes around and gives you another problem.  The last scene had to be one of the most tense, nerve-racking, heart pounding scenes that I’ve ever experienced in any movie.

Gravity is a movie experience very much worth the time and effort to go check out at the theatres.  Its meant for the big screen and it will be visually stunning and extremely compelling.  Its thrilling and engaging.  I highly recommend it and if you haven’t seen it, then its one I’d say is very much worth your money.  🙂

Have you seen Gravity? Are you into space adventure/thriller movies?

18 thoughts on “Gravity (2013)

  1. Good review Kim. A beautiful movie to just gaze at and lose yourself in, but once they all start speaking, then the movie starts to lose some of its believability, let alone tension.


      • I was always just kind of “Eh, Sandra Bullock, ok” and now I LOVE her. Amazing!

        I get tired of people complaining about the dialogue or the actors. I mean, this movie isn’t about dialogue… And just think what this movie would have been with ANYONE else. I think I read somewhere that it was originally supposed to be Ethan Hake and Angeline Jolie. I would never have even gone to see it.


      • Thank goodness it wasn’t Angelina Jolie. I don’t mind Ethan Hawke but that would be like Taking Lives all over again? Although that movie wasn’t all bad…meh…I wouldn’t have dished out money to see it in the theatres…I can tell you that.


      • LOL – well – that’s just my opinion of course. I usually never see any of the movies that get the best picture nominations : )


  2. You made the right choice about which movie to see. Gravity demands to be seen on a big screen. The others will play decently on a television, but Gravity will not even have a tenth of its impact. I’m not knocking the movie, mind you. To paraphrase Norma Desmond: the movie is big, it’s the televisions that are too small. I would give this movie every single acadamy award it’s eligible for except best screenplay. I’m talking about best film, best actress, best director, and best special effects, down through the minor technical awards. I’ve never seen anything like it before. However… be sure not to miss Ender’s Game. It might play OK on a TV like I said, but please try to see it in a theater, if only because it needs your business. It’s the latest terrific film to be mis-advertised and poorly-scheduled by a studio.


    • Definitely best director and special effects goes to Gravity. This year, I’m sure nothing really beats it! Granted I haven’t seen a whole lot of movies but I really don’t see any other film being able to beat the originality.
      I’ll take your advice. Ender’s Game is next on the list for sure 🙂


  3. Great review! I’ve finally just seen this and looooved it. Lived up to the hype! And I could take or leave Bullock usually but she’s fantastic in this! 🙂 Wait a second – did you say there was a dog bumping your seat??


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