Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

When I think about habits, I usually think of bad ones.  To me, it doesn’t always feel bad, but then, others might think otherwise.  But then, I personally don’t think I have so many redeeming features, its just how I am.  I do try to push myself out of that area.  Either way, we all have habits: good or bad, regardless of who you are.

You see, my cat has one very interesting one.  Not very interesting if you are a cat owner, I’m pretty sure. She lets to start her night sleep in any space I can offer her. Last night was under the covers between my crossed legs. I look at her and I wish I was that flexible.  She has to do that or else she won’t fall asleep. When I move myself to go to sleep, she’ll shift herself outside of the covers.


As comfortable as she looks, I’m not exactly sure I want the flexibILITY to sleep with my foot in my face…Only she likes that. Or maybe she just enjoys my legs as her bed.  But I guess that does stop all the little bit of light that could wake her.

I’m serious I only have a bit of light, coming from one my laptop and in the middle of the night after I go to bed, that leads to my habit (which my mom hates).  I’m deathly scared of the dark, more so now that I’ve gotten back into watching horror movies.  I keep a night light on.  Thats my (bad) habit.

night light

Night Light

night light

Night light

My mom’s philosophy behind it is that, aside from being in my late 20s now, she read somewhere that having night lights hinders your REM. To me, hindering my REM is better than staying awake all night wondering if something is going to attack me in my sleep.  Over active imagination, I know. Sometimes, I think back and remember how ridiculous I felt to go into Ikea’s kids section to grab one of these but hey, it has a soothing light and not the typical ones I had when I was a kid, plus, it changes colors 🙂 Isn’t it just totally cute also?

Okay,  I’m done justifying my habit.  Its a habit that I know I have to let go of when I get a place with my boyfriend.  But then, what is my mom talking about? She has a habit that my dad used to hate.  It doesn’t bother me all that much since a while later, we always have some awesome to eat. That’s right! My mom likes to try out making different types of foods. The last few months was preserving fruits: deoxidizing and the whole kit.   That was a bucket of very funky smelling stuff, which I will not eat, no matter how many health benefits she claims there is. Yesterday, it was back to the normal stuff, preserving meat.


As weird as this looks, it actually turns out really well 🙂 Her habits to learn and make new foods amazes me.  My mom is definitely an adventurer both in dwelling in constant wanderlust but also in experiencing all sorts of new things, especially when trying to maintain good health. As my boyfriend says, she’s one tough cookie.

How about you? What habits do you have?

This is my response to this week’s Photo Challenge: Habit. To see others habits, go HERE! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. I have a nightlight – it’s stained glass in the shape of a cardinal. I’ve been married for 35 years. It’s a safety hazard if you have to get up in the dark and can’t see where you’re going. 🙂


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