A Word A Week Challenge: Behind

I am once again late to the party for this one. Maybe I need to start scheduling in posts on a more routine level (but that might take away from the fun).  Thinking about it, its kind of funny, I am BEHIND in my posting and look at what this/last week’s word was.

I don’t know about you but when I go anywhere with my camera, I tend to take people’s behinds, especially hiking or whatnot.  I even do it when I’m at home. It makes the picture look more natural, as if there’s someone observing the motions instead of pulling someone from their normal and making them pose for you or give a smile.  Of course, my two models are almost always the same.

The first being my cat, at this point in time, you’ve seen all her in full and in different areas of her.


Admiring the windy season from the backyard door

Teasing me to play with her

Trying to make me play with her

Next model is my boyfriend. This one was actually one that I didn’t use for THIS photo challenge but I found this weekend when I was looking through my photos for a personal project. I made him run slowly on a hiking trail and as stupid as it may have felt, this one turned out really well 🙂

Mont St. Bruno hiking trail

Running on a hiking trail

Do you like to step behind during walks or events and snap pictures of your loved ones observing their surroundings instead of asking them to pose for the camera?

This is my response to A Word A Week Challenge: Behind.  For more entries, please check it out HERE!

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