Week 34&35: Persistance and Discipline is the Key!

Seems like discipline is my main thing I’m working on.  With the novel writing and keeping up with everything in life, my blog has slowed itself down and I’m actually enjoying it.  There’s less pressure to go mad writing up posts every night.  Its a nice breather.   I love the blog but sometimes, I need a little break as well to let other things fall into place.  I’m hanging around for an unforeseen length of time so lets not burn myself out.

Talking about that! The goal this week, starting November 1st was two challenges.  One is the Tribesports November Push-up Variations Challenge.  30 day in length to fill up the entire month.  Its right under here!

30 Day Push up Challenge

So far, I’ve actually really liked the whole incline push-up concept.  Its pretty awesome and my arm, shoulder and chest are definitely getting a good workout because they are all contracted and sexy 😉 I don’t intend on stopping. I realized that technically I can stay on track with this because as long as there is a flat ground, then no matter at home or not, I can “easily” fit it into my schedule.

Pairing up with this one  is a 30 day challenge that is part of the 30 day fitness challenges I’m working on.  After much debate, I decided on doing the 30 day Crunch challenge. I’ve felt like I’ve been slacking off on my core so this one should bring it back a little bit.  Here’s what this challenge looks like:

30 Day Crunch Challenge

30 Day Crunch Challenge

I can tell you after the first few days, I already knew my core is going downhill.  50 crunches was ok, then by 55 the next day, my abs were burning by the time it hit 40.  By day 3, with 60, at 35 I had to pace it slowly to get through the whole thing. Thats what rest days are for, right? I loved those so much! Words probably cannot express the extent of how good it felt to rest up and recharge. I have no idea if I can make it to 250 crunches in a month but I’ll give it my absolute best shot!

On the side, I’m working on a new challenge.  I’m not one to do weightlifting professionally but I’d like to build some endurance in my legs as dragonboat is a full body exercise.  Less legs but we need it to give an extra push so I wanted to try out something simple: 5 minute Full Depth Squat Sit! Most unelegant exercise in the world (other than maybe fire hydrant or whatever you call those). How long can you go for a full depth Squat Sit? I started at 2:33 and then went up to 3:15 the next day.  Took a few days off and will get back into it.

When this goes up, its currently Day 11! Where am I? Good news is push-ups I’m on track. Bad news is that Crunches,  I’m not! I fell behind one day and tried to play catch-up but I got caught up chasing another deadline for a personal project.  Meaning, Day 11 includes, one set of crunches at 105 reps and the second set at 110 reps. Yup, I already feel my abs screaming in pain from the thought of it. My lesson that I need to stay on track from now on…

I’ll be back with a full report at the end of the month 🙂

On another note, if my health is back to normal (which it isn’t), indoor practice for dragonboat resumes this month and I’m really looking forward to it.  Hopefully, soon, right?

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