La Cara Oculta/The Hidden Face (2011)

Nearing the end of my Halloween marathon, Gary at With A Friend Like Gary recommended and urged me to watch a Columbian thriller called The Hidden Face.  After quite some amount of searching, I managed to find it.  Between all the TV series and Nanowrimo writing, I gave it a watch this weekend. Lets check it out!

Director: Andres Baiz

Cast: Quim Guiterrez, Martina Garcia, Clara Lago

I’ll change things up a bit for this review write-up.

Some people would consider this a horror, however, The Hidden Face is categorized on IMDB as a drama thriller and it very much is exactly that.  With any thriller, the least you watch trailers (which I didn’t) and look at posters, or even read reviews, its better.  In this case, it probably will do you a few favors.  As I was searching up photos, I saw it to be extremely revealing of the plot and the twist they wanted to have.  So, DON’T DO IT! *ahem* pardon my seemingly yelling, but just don’t…goes for all other thrillers too.

With that said, all you really  need to know is maybe the faces of everyone. This guy below, Adrian, a conductor:

The hidden face


Well, his girlfriend leaves him, maybe for another guy or whatnot, but she doesn’t want him to find her. This is his girlfriend, Belen:

The  hidden face


Now, Adrian has a hard time getting his emotions back in order after Belen left him. She doesn’t return his calls so he knows that he needs to cope and try to move on, which he does in the form of another girl, Fabiana:

hidden face fabiana


Fabiana and Adrian move along quickly and soon she moves into his mansion and she starts experiencing strange events.  She suggests to Adrian that maybe the house is haunted but Adrian shrugs it off and says that its simply because its old. Thats all I’m going to reveal for this. If you want to know more, well, you can run along and watch it.  Remember, this is a Spanish flick so its in subtitles.  However, if I managed with a little 10 inch tablet screen, I’m sure you all will do great with a full size TV/computer screen.  All you  lucky US residents get the awesome chance to get this streamed from iTunes (only one of the many options).

I like this movie a lot.  There was a few times I was a bit scared but the way they set up the unveiling of the actual plot is clever. Although, maybe being a girl helps in figuring out what will happen. It wasn’t so predictable for the most part but hell, at the end of this movie, I couldn’t help but give out a sarcastic laugh at the lessons learned from it.  Not that its a bad thing.  I really enjoyed this movie and there was one part which made me totally jump out of my seat and go WTF?!?!? Thats usually a good thing so yes, please see this if you’re into thrillers, foreign flicks, that sort of thing.  Its really worth it! The filming, the acting, the tone; all done really well.  Its a well thought out movie. I’m extremely impressed!

I hope that I didn’t reveal too much since I kind of promised Gary I wouldn’t, but I’m sure he’ll tell me if I am 😉

Now, if you have seen it, tell me if you did like it in the comments but try to keep it spoiler-free! Send me an email or something and we can discuss as much as you’d like 🙂

We want to keep everyone in the dark, right? Its just being nice to let them get the same enjoyment that we’ve gotten (provided you liked the movie also).  If you didn’t like the movie, I actually want to know why.

7 thoughts on “La Cara Oculta/The Hidden Face (2011)

  1. Told you it wouldn’t be too scary for you. 🙂

    I wouldn’t recommend brutal movies to those who have a hard time with horror; with that said it’s an extremely tense thriller – but not in the fashion to cause trauma and nightmares, etc. If I push a movie on you and keep pressing, you know it’s going to be good. Glad you liked it.


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