Halloween Marathon: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

The light at the end of the tunnel is how I feel right now.  Its just right there! This month has been a bit intense with work and keeping up with the blog.  The first time its really gotten to me.  This time really went completely spontaneous and ended up being hectic to finish up the focus of the marathon: the Halloween series.  I had a list before I started the marathon and lets say I pretty much tossed it out the window.  Last night, at something like 11pm, I finally turned on Netflix and saw Halloween H20. I’ve mentioned it, but I will again, I’m not doing the final one due to time constraints.  I will eventually, just not immediately.  So, lets see whats up with this one!

HalloweenH20posterDirector: Steve Miner

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, Adam Arkin, LL Cool J, Adam Hann-Byrd, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

Laurie Strode, now the dean of a Northern California private school with an assumed name, must battle the Shape one last time and now the life of her own son hangs in the balance.-IMDB

The only relevance Halloween H20 had was to the very first (and well, second) Halloween.  That makes it kind of meh, because then its like, should I take in account that 4 to 6 happened then.  I mean, from what I got from the 4th one, Laurie either died or left her daughter.  So  now, she has a son, why did she choose to keep her son but leave her daughter and then her daughter gets stuck with that ridiculous fate and happened from 4 to 6.  She has issues and we know that already. Who wouldn’t, right? Lets say we forget about Laurie. Michael Myers makes no sense either.  He always struck in Haddonfield, so what makes him leave that comfort zone 20 years later and head to kill Laurie in North California now? I mean, if he was all high and mighty and knew all, as he seems to be in the previous instalments, then why not just go straight for her after his first escape back in 4? I know the technicalities are probably they couldn’t get back Jamie Lee Curtis to do that role or whatnot, but still, doesn’t matter who really gets slashed as long as they get hunted by Michael Myers, no? Either way, my head hurts from all the questions.

Halloween H20 2

I’m not saying that I hated Halloween H20, I really am not. I watched this by myself so my imagination went running wild, as always so there were times I’d be tense but then this one was so predictable. I think its the fault of how they shot this one. Somewhere along the way, I started thinking that the purpose of Halloween H20 was to show why the first (or any of the others) was so creepy. For one, even when this movie was dark, it was still pretty bright.  Second, we aren’t supposed to see Michael Myers up close and personal.  He was scary because he was lurking around, and we never got a good look at him.  The shots were quick and we never knew when he’d attack.  This time, Michael was walking faster and always visible.  Plus, the mask was not scary and excuse me but blackest eyes, no they aren’t.  Are you lying to me Dr. Loomis or did his eyes change over the years? Maybe he’s softened up, but then, he hasn’t.

Halloween H20 3

I went into this with little expectations that I was so happy to actually see JGL little role at the beginning.  I’m not exactly sure that part was supposed to yield that much excitement.  And then there was LL Cool J.  Hey, I thought he was pretty awesome in Deep Blue Sea and he was pretty hilarious in this one.  That was probably deliberate.  Not very fitting for Halloween but I liked it! Another thought going through my head for the cast was that I never saw anything with Josh Hartnett since Pearl Harbor and now I have 2 in a week.  I’m indifferent to Josh Hartnett but at least he wasn’t a brainless teenager in this one along with a young Michelle Williams.  So many familiar faces does give it a few extra points, right?

halloween h20 4

I think at this point, my review is already way out of hand.  Its just a lot of ranting and sarcasm.  Okay, I’m serious, I didn’t hate it because I was tired and by myself.  Overall, some tense parts but not a coherent storyline if you look at this in a whole.  Its predictable and doesn’t really have many scares.  I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to see this.

Happy Halloween everyone! I should have one more post up if everything goes as planned to do this my own way! 🙂 I’m getting that together right after dinner!

There you go! Seven Halloweens done! Have you seen them all? Which is your favorite? Is there something I’m missing in the story to link it better?

26 thoughts on “Halloween Marathon: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

  1. You really can skip the “Halloween: Resurrection” installment. It sucked! If you thought Halloween H2O was mediocre, and it is, then you’ll be disappointed to know it looks like a masterpiece compared to Resurrection.

    I know you keep saying you’re burned out on movies, and I understand that, but do give “The Hidden Face” a watch before you take a hiatus. It won’t feel like work b/c you will actually be enjoying yourself instead of pushing your way through all these crappy “Halloween” sequels. Just trust me on this – and if you do not thoroughly like “The Hidden Face” I won’t ever press a recommendation on you again. But once you watch it, you will be glad I did press you. I’m going to try to watch 5150 Elm’s Way soon.


    • Noy burnt out on movies just horror 🙂 But last year that break didn’t last too long until I saw another one. But don’t worry…I plan on watching The Hidden Face for the recommendation month..just need to figure out when to have it 🙂 So keep those recommendations coming.


      • You should watch Hidden Face the next time you watch a movie. I wouldn’t wait for recommendation month b/c that could be a while and the thing I always worry about movie bloggers is running into spoilers on someone’s blog. If you ran into a spoiler on Hidden Face it’d ruin the twist and defeat the purpose of watching. I implore you to let Hidden Face be the next movie you watch. You can wait and write an entry about it for recommendation month, but don’t delay in watching. Just trust me on this.

        I spent 2 hours last night trying to find 5150 Elm’s Way online and the only versions I found had no english subtitles. I see that you mentioned there was a great twist in it, and so I look forward to those kinds of movies. I know you do, too, which is why I am pressing you to see Hidden Face ASAP. I want to see Elm’s Way ASAP to see the twist and if it compares to the one in Hidden Face.


      • I’ll see if I can find something for 5150 Elm’s Way 🙂
        I’ve already seen reviews of Hidden Face but deliberately skimmed through it only. I will try to find a decently priced copy. Maybe I’ll see if I can drive down to Plattsburgh and get a cheaper copy..haha! Canada is always overpriced. I was going to wait for Black Friday sales but maybe I’ll search it up this weekend 🙂


      • I found a rental of Hidden Face for pretty cheap on Amazon; also i-tunes may have it cheap. It’s also on netflix instant streaming. It may be different in Canada, though. Since Hidden Face is a smaller film I doubt it will be sold for cheap during black friday.

        Yeah, if you find a link for me for Elm’s Way, shoot it over and I will watch ASAP. I need to see that movie.


      • Canada is different. We don’t have Netflix instant and its not very cheap on Amazon or anywhere. Its about the same if I head across the border to get it and save the shipping costs, so maybe I’ll do that. Its only an hour drive anyways, not too bad 🙂


      • Oh wow, you have to go an hour away for a movie? I thought you could get it online. Well, if that’s the case then just get it when you’re out. I wouldn’t make a trip an hour away strictly to get a movie.


      • I actually make those trips frequently. haha! Things are cheaper over in the states so we head over to do food runs once every few months. Just depends if I can round up some friends to go. 🙂 I’m not too familiar with itunes so maybe I can try that also.


      • Thanks for sending; I went ahead and watched the link, which was 55 minutes. The subtitles were in English so I wanted to check it out. So far it’s pretty good, but I am waiting for the twist before forming an opinion. Hopefully you can find the 2nd half b/c I haven’t had any luck.


      • At least you are saying its pretty good right now…thats already a good start..haha! I`ll see if I can find it. The second link on that page actually is a full version I believe, but you need to sign up for an account, and I don`t like doing that. I`ll keep hunting 🙂


      • Yeah, I won’t sign up for an account, either, b/c they require a CC #. If you find the full version that’s fine b/c I can just fast forward to where I left off. Thanks!


  2. I liked H20 when it was released. It was at the height of the Scream era that rejuvenated the slasher genre. And I was a massive Scream fan.

    But as I got older I started to take issue with the movie. Kevin Williamson (Scream) wrote it, or at least worked heavily on it. If I remember correctly he wrote a draft that would have tied together the entire franchise and fix all the inconsistencies but I think they passed on the draft or maybe he couldn’t make it work? I don’t know.

    So he wrote H20 as a direct sequel to Halloween 2.

    The problem I have with it now that I’m much more familiar with the franchise, is that it feels more like a Scream version of Halloween. Music from Scream is used throughout it and there’s at least one shot where I think Michael is actually running after Josh Hartnett instead of his normal slow walking.

    I actually had a conversation with a friend and we agreed that it’s said that the Halloween franchise is so disjointed. Michael Myers is an icon of the genre. But he’s not in one of his movies (Halloween 3). He becomes a Scream rip off in H20. And then Rob Zombie made him into a bit a Jason Voorhees knock off in his remake. It’s too bad.


  3. This was a big deal to people who are old like me that have been watching these from the beginning (when they came out in theaters). I think you leave all of your questions at the door because this was just a big 20 year anniversary of the franchise and they hooked JLC to return. Screw continuity!!


  4. I’ve been watching the Halloween Marathon this weekend on AMC and they had the nerve to show Halloween 3, which everyone hates-no Michael Myers, but did not show Halloween H2O 20 Years Later. How do they go to Halloween Resurrection after Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers on the marathon? That’s not in sequence in you’re playing a marathon. Get it together.


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