Week 32&33: Sore is the new Sexy!

I’m really enjoying updating everyone with my workouts on biweekly basis, only its been so uneventful on the workout front.  As much as I hate using the excuse of having no time, my life has been consumed with work and cleaning, prepping for the new season, returning my room to a habitable state.  That, in itself is a mega workout. I think all the dust and allergies might be causing my brain to forget some workouts but here are the ones that I do remember.  Even though it wasn’t a lot, they were all super intense and crazy awesome.  I’m brainwashing myself after everyone that sore is the new sexy because thats how I feel the following days…

First up is a repeat workout that I like a lot called No Excuses Workout from PopSugar Fitness.  I especially like to do this one when I have skipped a few days to motivate myself.

Circuit one has to be the hardest to complete as always.  This time around, I did the push-ups with the full form and not modified.  If you have back problems, Superman move is the BEST! When I pulled out of the one minute from Superman, my entire spine adjusted itself.  It felt like my chiropractor just worked her magic. 🙂 Its going to be intense but its totally awesome!

When in doubt, I always go for some yoga.  It helps me relieve a truckload of stress and calms my mind so that I can get back to full productivity.  Fitsugar came out with a workout video for something called TMAC Flow. Its some type of modified intense yoga.  This routine takes only 10 minutes and it felt all kinds of great 🙂

But goodness, can someone please give me some flexibility? More yoga should be the solution, right?

I definitely did take that as a sign this past weekend when I did frequent yoga moves to relieve the hip pain.  Isn’t it just awesome being a girl? Monthly hip pains, cramps, migraines…I get those in extra strong dosages all the time but its even worse when I’m mega stressed.  If you suffer from this horrible fate as I do, maybe you’d like to try these moves at this link HERE 🙂

Final workout I’d like to share is the highlight of this week.  A workout to train for the zombie apocalypse 🙂 There was a few ones I was looking at for the Run For Your Lives Campaign at Tribesports but since its been raining a lot the last few days, the whole going to the playground to help with the equipment I lacked at home was not able to be done.  I ended up doing the Zombie Survival Under Siege Workout which is completely body weights.

30 minutes of doing these sets of exercises as many rounds as you can.  I managed to do 2.5 rounds.  My last half round ended at the 30 second side plank.  This workout kicked my butt.  Plus, I realized that walking lunges are at least 10 times harder than alternating lunges.  Talk about burning in my legs…that did the job right away and my legs still feel a bit sore from this workout 2 days ago.

*Takes a deep breath* Just remember this:

My goodness, am I feeling ever sexy 😉

Lets hope the next two weeks, I’ll get some more sexiness in. But then, I’ll be starting a new 30 day challenge for November so we’ll see if the next few days I can squeeze in some workouts!

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