Top Ten Pinterest Finds for Thanksgiving Weekend! :)

I’ve been wanting to do a Top Ten list in a while and starting from yesterday, I started thinking of what I could do: TV characters I’m in love with? Nah! Maybe eventually but not this week.  Seeing as its Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, meaning long weekend, YAY! Cooking a massive dinner for two! *umm* not so yay!  Baking something awesome! DOUBLE YAY!

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do is revamp my room a bit.  Right now, its pretty much a giant mess! Piles of clothes that makes mornings feel impossible to find work clothes because all I ever pull out is summer clothes! Seasonal clothes swap in my room to get an idea of what I need to buy for the season.  Aside from that, my movies shelf is completely out of control messy along with my book shelf.  I need to either get rid of some movies/books or just find some other way to stack it.  Lots of cleaning is in order!

All those things above can be accomplished or inspired by Pinterest! Thats one of the reasons I take time everyday to scroll through, and if I have lots more time, camp out on there.  My Top 10 for Thanksgiving and I’ll try to incorporate some Halloween theme in there 😉

1. Be Thankful all the time! Not just on Thanksgiving 🙂

2. Dreams Jar

3. Desk Organizer! Instead of the chaos I have now!

4. Butterflies on the Wall! Replace that over my posters and put it around photo collages 🙂

5. Autumn Sangria! Yummy!

6. Pumpkin Pancakes..sounds delicious but it’ll be challenging..I’m a disaster when it comes to cooking.

7. Weekend Workout! Go for a jog for the cardio outside since its forecasted to have nice weather 🙂


8. Grey Wolf Halloween Costumes! Groupon just had this for the past week or something its totally adorable! I go on my newsletter everyday to look at it! The fluffy tail is so cute! 🙂 If only my Halloween party was animal theme!

I kind of cheated with this one but its either this or lingerie from Pinterest.  Still, its found online 😉

9. Pasta! This looks delish! I’m sorry..I can’t eat pancakes for dinner..not even for our breakfast style dinners…

10. SLEEP! Call me crazy but this week I’ve slept super late every night. Horror movie marathon, Pretty Little Liars binge watching and doing everything else..24 hours is not enough guys..its just not!

Wow! Looking at that, I already feel a bit overwhelmed! Still, I’ll give it my best shot! You all know that besides from all those ten things, I’ll still get in a few Halloween movies so next week will be packed! 🙂 Which is pretty good since I always die off when it gets to Thursday, then I feel guilty that I can’t decide what to post or hit this weird routine writer’s block.

Anyways, there it is! My Top 10 Thanksgiving goals, projects, whatever you’d like to call it 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadian blogging friends! Thank you for dropping by everyone!

More posts planned for this week! Remember to check back in your spare time when you’re not out and about partying 😉

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