Make Today Great!

Talk about a week that went by in a flash! This week was crazy…I felt like I just blinked and we’re already Sunday.  I kept chasing after the errands I had to finish up and the sleeping pattern has been all over the place.

Luckily the Halloween movie marathon has been pretty much on track.  I’ve gotten in two movies only but one was bad (Area 407) and the second was really good (Let Me In).  Next week, I already have 3 reviews planned to go up 🙂 The main feature of my marathon started since my boyfriend has time to sit down and watch the Halloween series with me 🙂

Another reason its been a bit slower with movies is that I made the silly decision to start yet another series…Pretty Little Liars.

pretty little liars

I had said before that I would never watch it, but I’m somewhat glad because its actually a pretty interesting series.  It reminds me a little of Gossip Girl just this time, mystery person isn’t GG but unknown “A” that messes with the four girls lives.  It has a nice pace and really keeps me wondering what’ll happen next.  Not in an intense way but relaxing enough to calm and empty my mind after a long day/week’s work 🙂

This weekend was also a bit of shopping and I finally had the time to go pick up a copy of The Little Mermaid Bluray combo to add to my Disney Collection 🙂 I won’t be watching it this month due to the marathon but I’ll be getting to that soon.


During my shopping, I was at Future Shop and ended up seeing this on the shelf…in a bit of disbelief as well…

Spiderman 3 Steelcase for $1.97

Spiderman 3 Steelcase for $1.97

WHAT?!? I know Spiderman 3 isn’t a good movie but wow, now thats a deal, right?

This weekend, we rounded up a group of friends, including fellow blogger Day’s (who went to The Beatles exhibit last week) to go to see Pumpkin Inferno at Upper Canada Village.  I’m looking through the pictures today and hopefully the post will go up tomorrow. The drive was extremely beautiful with the trees and leaves changing colors along the highway and the evening sky was absolutely gorgeous.


Pumpkin Inferno

Pumpkin Inferno entrance

After that, we had a very late hangout with a simple dinner.  I had a very beautiful and tasty Sangria with my meal.

Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

This week has been pretty cool also, especially when my cat started doing her silly little shenanigans and believed that she was completely hidden…I mean, c’mon..


And, thats my cat for you…she believes that when parts of her body is covered, that she’s completely hidden. Pinterest seems to be on the cute animals in the Halloween theme also.

bobbing for apples

Tonight, I’ll also get a baking session in! I just need to decide what to bake with a Autumn/Halloween theme 🙂

This coming week looks pretty much set up once I draft up the blogs.  Remember to drop by again 🙂 We’re in full on Halloween mode now!!

make today great

Hope your weekend has been fantastic! 🙂

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